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Minecraft: How To Make A Secret Base In Minecraft

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Minecraft: How To Make A Secret Base In Minecraft

Having our own house at our desired place is one of the best things in Minecraft. As everyone has different tastes and needs. Due to this, we like to build homes in places where we can feel the most comfortable. This is the reason, you can also create your own secret base in Minecraft. There might be many reasons to create your house such as you want to build your among the people so as to not feel alone or you might want to keep away the mobs or you might want to hide from your crowd and your fellow players. There be any reason for it. You must be able to ensure that your base has these 5 features in Minecraft:

Helpful Tips to Building a Good Secret Base

You need to use these tips to ensure that your secret base is at a place where it is safe from all the predators in Minecraft: 

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Choose a good location

One of the best tips that you can get in Minecraft is that your base has to be in a good location. It means that your home base remains secret from others in Minecraft. Make sure whether you are in a cold, snowy region or in dense jungle, you must not compromise with a good location. 

Players in Minecraft can make their houses in the underground where they have lots of digging space. You need to dig the ground and you will have your own house. 

Get a lot of building material

Before we see a house being built around us, what is the most necessary requirement? It is the building material. You need lots of building materials if you want to build a house. Similar is the case with Minecraft. You need to arrange a lot of materials to build a house. You will need lots of wood, iron, and other material that are available in Minecraft to build houses in a secret place. When you are mining the underground, you come across grass and stone that you can also use to build the home underground. 

Once you plan everything about building materials and arrange it with you, then you can easily build your secret home base in Minecraft. If you have all the required building materials with you, you won’t have to scramble here and there to get the material while building your house smoothly. 

Create A Blueprint

Before you actually start building the secret base in Minecraft, make sure that you have a blueprint ready with you to avoid the discomfort at a time when you are actually building the house. The blueprint becomes all more necessary when you are planning on building large secret base in Minecraft. As you can plan well in advance as where you have to go. 

However, to make a blueprint, you need to be sure of the measurement as well. You must know how to measure everything about the walls, areas, floor, ceiling, and everything. 

Get Your Light Sources

In-game of Minecraft, light plays important role in the game. With light with them, they can perform many tasks in the game. Having light in the game help lot in achieving their objectives. Therefore, light sources must be there. What most players don’t understand is that they need to sue Lantern or magma block that can illuminate your home base in Minecraft. But they tend to use torches that are not so convenient for them. When a house base is destroyed, light is also destroyed along with that. Because players can not get it and this is the reason players rely on the different sources for the lights in the Minecraft. 

Hide Your Entrance

This task is considered to be one of the difficult tasks. In this, players have to find a way out to hide their doors. When you find the way out to hide your door, you need to make sure that you construct a hidden door that is away from the eyes of the mobs and other guests. 

Players can get multiple ways to hide the door. To hide the door, players can place a pond over the door with a ladder going down, using a couple of plants. You have to strategize in such a way so as to keep the keep intruders away and to let you seamlessly go in and out as you want. 

That’s all from us about how to make a secret base in Minecraft. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. 

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