Home Gaming Lords Mobile: Get the Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List (April 2022)

Lords Mobile: Get the Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List (April 2022)

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Lords Mobile: Get the Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List (April 2022)

Lords mobile is the tower defense game that has the relation to the role-playing game as well as strategy games. In the Lords Mobile, Players can monster as the familiars. The benefit of getting familiars is that Lord’s familiars can give the players buffs and other skills that are required to perform better in the game. In the Lords game, if you have the monster as familiars, it is very useful for the players rather than hunting them down. But all the familiars are not the same in the Lords mobile game. This is the reason we have put down a Tier list of Lords Mobile Familiars. Here, we rate the familiars in the game from the best to worst. Let’s get into the article:

Get the full Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List (April 2022)

S Tier

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When it comes to the Lords game, these are some of the best familiars in the Lords game. They are fully balanced, they are very supportive to the players who are playing the lords game. 

Pact 1ATerrite
Pact 1BAquiris
Pact 2A
Pact 2BPyris
Pact 3Noceros
Gemming Gremlin
Pact 4Hell Drider
Mega Maggot
Snow Beat

A Tier

A tier familiars can be very useful for the players in the Lords game.

                    Pact            Familiar 
Pact 1A                –
Pact 1B                –
Pact 2AEvil Weevil
Pact 2BHarpy 
Pact 3Trickstar
Pact 4Mecha Trojan
Grim Reaper
Tidal Titan

B Tier

They are called the average Familiars. Players should be able to buy them whenever they get a chance while playing Lords mobile. 

                  Pact               Familiar
Pact 1A                –
Pact 1B                –
Pact 2ATempestite
Pact 2BBonehood
Pact 3              –
Pact 4              –

C Tier

These are familiar rules that players should switch to when they are playing into the higher tiers in the lords’ game. You will find them in the game clearly visible to you. 

Pact Familiar
Pact 1AOakroot
Pact 1BTerraspike
Pact 2ATotempest
Pact 2BKrabby
Pact 3
Pact 4

How to unlock the familiar in the mobile?

If you want to get the familiars in the lords mobile game, players are required to complete the Skirmish 8. To unlock the familiars, you also need to have a single rune from the Familiar they want to unlock. Apart from that, players need to get the Anima from the Magic Springs. The Anima can be used to create a pact with the Mystic Spring which will give the players more fragments, Runes, or Familiars. All the Familiars have three stages in life. These are the hatchling, adult, and elder; the specific stages are represented by a specific color. Green is for hatchlings while blue is for adults. Meanwhile, the elders are represented in purple. 

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