Home Gaming Killer Instinct Tier List: Best characters (Updated) (July 2022)

Killer Instinct Tier List: Best characters (Updated) (July 2022)

Killer Instinct Tier List
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Killer Instinct Tier List: Best characters (Updated) (July 2022)

Killer Instinct Tier List 2022: Killer Instinct is a fighting video game that you will find very interesting to play. It was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, Midway, and Microsoft. This game is quite ancient. As it was launched for arcades in the year 1994. It was then further released for the Game Boy and Super NES in 1995. It has been running since then. Its popularity has never faded away rather it has increased. This game is best known for the best characters that enhance the gameplay for the players. If you have the right characters, then you are sure to win in this game. In this guide, you will get Killer Instinct Tier List 2022. Below is the complete overview of all the best characters in the Killer Instinct game. Let’s get started:

Killer Instinct Tier List Full Guide and Best Characters 2022

Below, You will find the list of the killer Instinct best characters which we have ranked as per ability and strength. Through this full guide, you will get an idea about what are the best characters to choose from and what are characters to avoid. Without any further ado, Here is the list of the best characters in Killer Instinct.

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Killer Instinct Tier List

  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier

S Tier – Killer Instinct Tier list

Killer Instinct Tier List Reddit Tier S characters are considered to be the best characters out there. They tend to perform the best. They never face any defeat in the game. In section, Get to know more about them and Defeat your opponents in seconds.

Characters Tier List

A Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct A Tier Characters are the best character to take in the game if you want to win. They fight quite well in the Killer Instinct game. If you know how to play well. If you have a good command over the game, then you can surely match them with S Tier characters in terms of ability and strength.

CharactersTier List
AganosTier – A
EyedolTier – A
ThunderTier – A
HisakoTier – A
ArbiterTier – A
GlaciusTier – A
RiptorTier – A
TuskTier – A

B Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

B Tier Killer Instinct characters are no less than good. If you are engaged in a fight, then you can consider picking them. You can easily control them and if you use good skills, you can defeat the opponent easily.

CharactersTier List
MiraTier – B
CinderTier – B
EagleTier – B
KilgoreTier – B
SpinalTier – B
GargosTier – B

C Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

C Tier Killer Instinct characters are also good picks. But don’t expect them to be as good as other top tiers. But you can take them if you are looking to have fun in the game.

CharactersTier List
MayaTier – C
Shadow JagoTier – C
Shin HisakoTier – C
General RaamTier – C
Kim WuTier – C
JagoTier – C
Kan-RaTier – C
TJ ComboTier – C

D Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

D Tier characters are the worst characters to pick from. As they cannot stand if you are face to face with the skilled game. You must never pick them in serious combat. However, If you want to play the game for fun or in a casual way, then you can take them.

CharactersTier List
SadiraTier – D
SabrewulfTier – D
OrchidTier – D

Killer Instinct Tier List – Best Characters Full Guide

Below, you will find the Best characters’ details in the Killer Instinct game. You can pick the characters from this list anytime you play with intention of winning the game. These characters will surely get the victory for you. Read through the below list to know more about the best characters in the Killer Instinct game.

Rash – Killer Instinct Tier List

The rash is indisputably the best character in the Killer Instinct game. This character has everything to win the game such as overheads, staggers, and lows, and you will find hard-to-crack combos. These characters have the ability to blow huge damage to the opponent. In fact, your opponent will be fooled to come in front of you if you have this character with you. All In all, Rash is the best character to pick up.

Aria – Killer Instinct Tier List

This character is more than the best because It has got a good meter and acts on instinct. She is capable of blowing huge damage to the opponent along with covering a huge range. She can put her opponent under a lot of pressure with her strength. She also has got a lot of bonds that opponents will find hard to break. Aria can also switch her bodies very fast which makes it impossible for the opponent to gauge her play style. Adding to that, Each body aria switch to has got different abilities.

Fulgore – Killer Instinct Tier List

Fulgore is also a good character to choose from. He has got many moves lasers, fireballs, and Dasher that are very fatal. When you are engaged in war, then this character can blow heavy damage to the opponents. he is a good rush as well as Zoner character. He has got teleport skills in which he can vanish in thin air and teleports to an opponent in no time. All in All, Fulgore is the best character in Killer Instinct Tier List.

Omen – Killer Instinct Tier List

Omen is the best character to pick in the Killer Instinct game. He has got great skills on land and air. He is also skilled in mobility. The Omen has got many ways to control an opponent on the screen due to its high mobility.


That is the tier list of Killer instinct games. This tier list of the best characters will help you know about the ability and strengths of characters. While you are playing the Killer instinct game, you will have a full idea as to which characters to pick if you want to win the game. That’s all from the Killer Instinct characters list. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing this video game.

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