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How to Install .DAI Mods in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Dragon Age Inquisition
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Looking to know how to install .DAI Mods Dragon Age Inquisition? You have landed up at the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to install .DAI Mods Dragon Age Inquisition?

Dragon Age Inquisition is an action and Role-playing game. In this game, You have to become a great leader by developing relationships with unforgettable characters. You have to explore, lead and battle in order to progress in the game. In this guide, we will be explaining to you how to install .DAI Mods Dragon Age Inquisition will help to progress faster in the game.

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How to Install .DAI Mods Dragon Age Inquisition?

Dragon Age Inquisition

If you want to install .DAI Mods Dragon Age Inquisition, you need to follow the below steps to do that:

  • Find where your DAI Game is located. You will find it in the origins folder.
  • Go to the Origin Games and then move to the Dragon Age Inquisition Folder.
  • Make a folder on your computer where you want to make it and give it a name as DAI Modeling.
  • Open this folder and make a sub-folder in it by the name of Dai Mods. Also, make another folder and give it the name DAI Mods. Make a third folder and give it a name as DAI Mods Empty.
  • Now get an app like 7zip or WinRar that will run your .zip files. Then, Head to the Nexus mod website and search DAI Tool Suite Loader. Now press on the download option.
  • After downloading the file, Go to the download and extract the file using any app such as 7zip or WinRAR. And also make a DAI Mod Manager folder in the DAI Modeling Folder.
  • Extract the DAI Tool Suite Loader and cope its files in the DAI Mod Manager. Click twice on the DaiToolSuite_Loader.exe file. Click on the Mod Manager and 64 bits option and Click on the Download All.
  • Go to the tools folder in the DAI Mod Manager Folder. Open this folder and You have to keep pressing the folder until you find the DAI Mod Manager.exe file. Now opne up the .exe file.
  • You will the .ese file in the folder where your Dragon Age Inquisition file is installed. You will be able to find all the files here. Now you have to close the Mod manager and go to the Installation of mods. You need to search any mod that you from the website and download it.
  • Go to the folder where your mod is installed. Find the file with the extension .dai. Once you are able to file that file, drag and drop it into the DAI Mod folder.
  • Now open your file manager again and search for that file again in the Mod Manager folder. Click on the Merge button that you will find at the bottom.
  • Once you are satisfied that everything is going right and your game is modded perfectly, it means that you have installed more mod.
  • To uninstall a mod, move it from the mod folder and paste it in the DAI mod, not the use folder.
  • Remove all the mods from there and put them in the DAI Mods Empty folder and mer the folder. Now you don’t need to click the mod button again the moment you have merged your mods using the mod manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Dragon Age: Inquisition mods?

Yes, you will find the mods in the Dragon Age: Inquistion game. These mods can make your playing experiece much better.

Which mod Manager is best for Dragon Age: Inquisition?

However, there are many mods managers that are the best. However, one of best mod managers is the Frosty Mod Manager.

Can you mod Dragon Age: Inquisition on steam?

You can mod the Dragon Age: Inquisition on the steam.

Can Dragon Age be modded?

Yes, Dragon Age Inquisition can easily be modded. Those who have modded, it will be very easier for them. Those who don’t know how to mod, then they can follow the above the guide to mod the dragon age game.

How do I install mods for Dragon Age Inquisition?

You need to follow the above steps in order to install the dragon age inquisition mods ?

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