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Huniepop 2: Know How To Use Smoothies to date

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Huniepop 2: Know How To Use Smoothies to date

Huniepop 2 is one of the best games out there on the steam. In this game, you need to satisfy the cosmic beauties above by dating and completing the different puzzles. You need to date many other women to build the experience of dating that will lead to the dating Prowess. If you have the smoothies with you, you raise your chances of getting girls. Below, you will get to know how your gift and use smoothies for the maximum impact in Huniepop 2. I hope that you will enjoy reading this article.

How to Gift Smoothies in Huniepop 2

In this Huniepop 2, you will need to purchase the smoothies from the Seeds store for 5 Hunie seeds to get the smoothie. Once you buy the smoothies of your choice, you will have to pull the smoothie from your inventory to any one of the girls to gift. However, gifting her smoothies will cost you 1 stamina. To give it to the girl, you need to make sure that your girl is in the possession of enough stamina before you give her the smoothies in Huniepop 2.

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In your inventory, you can not keep the smoothie in your inventory for long as it is an edible item. It can perish soon, that’s why you need to check if the girls you are giving the smoothies have enough stamina. You have the option to give her many smoothies until she has no stamina left.

If you feed any type of smoothies, it will give you 1 XP in that affection type. But if you give a girl a smoothie of her choice, you will get 2 XP. Below, you will find different smoothies for each girl in Huniepop 2.

Abia – Seality Ashley – Seality
Brook – Talent
Candy – Flirtation
Jessie – Romance
Lailan – Se**ality
Lillia – Romance
Lola – Talent
Nora – Romance
Polly – Flirtation
Sarah – Flirtation
Zoey – Talent

That is how you can gift and use smoothies in Huniepop 2. For more Huniepop 2 info, check out this article on Abia’s outfits.

You need to keep in mind that each of the girls is satisfied before you reach Level 5 in the game. As you will not have a lot of smoothies in the store. And when you reach up the affection stat, you will be more affectionate with your dates.

Through the above step, you can easily gift and use smoothies in Huniepop 2. If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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