Home Gaming How To Get The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me? (Wiki)

How To Get The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me? (Wiki)

Get The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me
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Looking to know how to get the Shipwreck Bay Badge in Adopt my game? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how to get the Shipwreck Bay Badge in the Adopt me.

Adopt me the game is a simulation game in which you as a player have to take care of pets like Buffalos, Huskies, and many other animals. In this game, you can get the ultimate bragging rights because they are hard to finish in the game. However, you can get these rights only through getting a Badge in the Adopt me the game. In this guide, we will explain the Shipwreck bay badge in Adopt me game. Like all other badges, players can get the Shipwreck bay badge by taking part in the Obby quest.

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How To Unlock The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me?

To get the Shipwreck Bay Badge in Adopt me, you need to find the Obbies building that is located on Adoption Island. You can get to this building near large pay area with different slides and swings. You will find the Obbies building behind the large blue tunnel slide. You need to enter the obbies building. You will find seven different portals for different obbies inside the building. You need to find and go to the portal marked as Shipwreck Bay.

Once you get inside the obby and you will find the portal marked with the Shipwreck Bay badge. However, to get to it, you will have to struggle a lot as you will encounter many obstacles on the way. You will have to have a lot of patience. if you make a wrong move and you will have to start all over again which will be very tiring for you. Once you manage to cross all the hurdles thrown at you, you will see a building with a Finish! Banner on top of it. You have to go through the building’s door and you will arrive at the main obbies building. Once you manage to finish the shipwreck bay obby and get the badge, you will get notified regarding the same.

Adopt me Game Info, Wiki, Description, Download link

Title: Adopt me

Release date: 7/14/2017

Genre: RPG

Publisher: DreamCraft

Available on: Roblox

Game Description:

Adopt and raise, decorate your home, and roleplay with friends in the magical world of Adopt Me!

Royal Tea Party Update!
New pets: Royal Corgi and Royal Palace Spaniel!
New Royal Palace & furniture pack!
New Tea Party set!


That’s all from us about How To Get The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me? I hope that you enjoyed reading this guide as much as you enjoyed playing the Adopt me game.

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