Home Gaming How to get the Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes (April 2022)

How to get the Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes (April 2022)

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How to get the Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes (April 2022)

We all remember the Dragon ball series, right. As children, we were all fond of the dragon ball series. However, there is a game also launched along the lines of Dragon Ball with the same name. Those who were in love with this series can relive those moments by playing this game. As it has great visuals and it is quite a fun game to play. However, one of the most interesting parts of the dragon ball is when Shenron arrives in the game carrying the QR codes. Every year Dragon Ball celebrates its own anniversary with the arrival of the Shenron. This event goes on for a month where Dragon ball players get to receive many rewards like dragon balls and Chrono crystals.

If you are excited to know about how to scan the QR codes and how to generate the QR codes, then you must stick to the end of the article.

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How To Find New QR Codes In Dragon Ball Legends?

To scan and redeem QR codes on the Dragon ball, players will have to add other players in their friend list, as players are only eligible to scan the 3 QR codes on the Dragon Ball game from the other players in their friend list. If you don’t have friends, then you can simply go to the Twitter page of the Dragon ball or go to their discord server to be able to add the friend in their friends’ list. Once you have players in your friend list, you can simply ask them to share the QR codes with you to avail of many rewards. Players can also scan the codes from the images that are present on their phones to be able to avail of the codes and get many Dragon rewards.

How To Scan Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes?

  • It is one of the simple techniques to scan the QR codes of the Dragon Ball legend game. All players have to do is to follow the given steps:
  • Players have to open the Dragon Ball legends game
  • Select the menu option located at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the menu option, they will find an option with the name of the Scan QR codes.
  • Players have to select this option
  • Then scan a friend’s QR code.
  • This will give them their desired reward in the Dragon’s ball game.

Note: Players can only avail of the rewards by scanning the QR codes from their friends’ mobiles that are in the players’ friends list. Players can scan 3 QR codes per day.

How To Generate and share QR Codes?

If you want to share your QR code with your friends, then you have to select the “Get QR code” option and dragon ball game will generate the new QR code, once you have the code, all you have to do is to share them with friends who are in your friend list.
I hope you have been able to know everything related to the QR code in Dragon Ball. Wishing you a great game in the Dragon ball legends.

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