Home Gaming How To Get Ectoplasm In Blox Fruits Roblox? (Full Guide)

How To Get Ectoplasm In Blox Fruits Roblox? (Full Guide)

Get Ectoplasm In Blox Fruits Roblox?
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How To Get Ectoplasm In Blox Fruits Roblox? (Full Guide)

Do you want to know how to get Ectoplasm in the Roblox Blox Fruits game? You have come to the right place. In this guide, We will let you know about how to get the Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits Roblox game. Without any further ado, Let’s get started:

Believe it or not but Blox Fruit is one of the most popular games. It is a Roblox game. This is the game that is based on the One Piece Anime which is also quite popular in the world. In this game, you have to become the master swordsman and you have to train well to become the strongest players to ever live. You have the option to fight against tough enemies and have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets. Players can complete the quests and fight various enemies. In this game, you can earn exclusive in-game items and currencies to purchase a variety of items in the game. One of the items that you can buy is called Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits.

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In this guide, we will explain to you about the Ectoplasm in the Blox fruits game. You need to read this guide till the end to understand how to obtain it and use it in the Blox Fruits game.

What is Ectoplasm in Roblox Blox Fruits?

Apart from that, you have to navigate to the Cursed Ship and fight the enemy mobs. For each mob you defeat, you will have around 25% chance to get 1 Ectoplasm. And, upon defeating the Cursed Captain, you can get 10 Ectoplasm. The chances of you getting the Ectoplasm are decent, if not good. This currency has a few items that you can get in exchange of. Read further to know what you can buy with this currency.

In the Roblox Blox Fruits game, Ectoplasm is an in-game currency. To get the Ectoplasm, you will have to fight the enemies in the game. However, you don’t have the full liberty to go and slaughter your enemies to victory. Your character must be able to reach the level 100 in the game to become eligible to get Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits.

Another way to get Ectoplasm is that. you have to go through the Cursed Ship and battle with the enemy mob. For each mob you defeat, you need to have a 25% chance to get 1 Ectoplasm. Once you defeat the Cursed Captain, you can easily obtain 10 Ectoplasm. It is a bit difficult to get Ectoplasm, but you can manage with a bit of hassle to get the Ectoplasm. If you use Currency Ectoplasm, you can get many items by bartering it.

What You Can Purchase using Ectoplasm?

If you want to purchase items using Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits, then you are required to interact with the Non-playing characters on the Cursed Ship. Once you interact with them, you can buy the following items such as:

  • Bizare Rifle – You can get it for 25 Ectoplasm
  • Ghoul Mask – You can get it for 50 Ectoplasm
  • Midnight Blade – You can get it for 100 Ectoplasm

If you have the 100 Ectoplasm with you, you can easily become the Ghoul and hell torch.

Blox Fruits Roblox Game Info, Download link (Wiki)

Title: The Roblox Blox Fruits
Genre: Adventure
Release date: 1/16/2019
Publisher: Gamer Robot Inc
Available on: Roblox

How to Get Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits game? (Video link)


Now you know How to get the ectoplasm. You also know what you can buy using the Ectoplasm Blox Fruits game. We have also given the download link of the Blox fruits game. That’s a wrap-up from us about how to get the ectoplasm in the Blox fruits game. I hope that you enjoyed reading this guide as much as you enjoyed playing the Blox fruits game.

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