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How To Download Valorant On Laptop?

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How To Download Valorant On Laptop

Whether you believe it or not, it is a fact that Valorant has become popular faster than any game in the world. It was released in 2020. In such a short time, the number of people playing this game has increased multifold. This popularity provokes curiosity among people and people flock to playing Valorant even more. However, before you move on to downloading this game, it is much better if you keep yourself aware of the system specifications supported by the game.

Valorant can only be played on the Windows OS. Your system should have a minimum of 4GB ram along with a Graphic Card with the iGPU and a Windows 7 64-Bit that must support Directx11 or Windows 10 64-Bit that must also support the Directx11. If you are using the Apple Macbook, you need to install the windows OS on your Mac and then download the valorant. If your system matches all the above requirements then you must follow the steps mentioned above. 

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How to Download Valorant on your Laptop

Valorant is a free game. You can get the download link of the valorant on their official website. 

Step 1: Search the term Valorant on the search bar or you can directly type “Playvalorant.com” to see the official site.

Step 2: Once you open the website, you have to click on the “play free Button”. Pressing on this button will pop up the dialog box which will show two options: Make riots account or sign in. If you already have an account, then click on the Sign in. If you don’t have an account, then make a new one. 

Step 3: Once you sign in or make the account using the Twitter, Facebook, Google, or independent email Id. then a new page will pop up asking you to download. You have to click on it and the download will start. 

Step 4: Once the file is downloaded, you have to open that file. 

Step 5: After opening the file, it will ask you to run or cancel the process. You have to click on the run. This click will push the new window to install “Riot client Main” the official app of the developers to log in to your account and install the “Vanguard” an anti-cheat software that is mandatory for playing the game. 

Once you have installed the needed software, you will be ready to play the game. 

When you open the game to play, you will see the main page where you will see many lobbies that will represent many modes of the game. You have to select a mod depending upon your experience. Or you can start with the basics of the game to get the gist of the game.

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