Home Gaming How To Craft Rock Bomb Treasure Of Nadia (Full Guide)

How To Craft Rock Bomb Treasure Of Nadia (Full Guide)

How To Craft Rock Bomb Treasure Of Nadia (Full Guide)
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How To Make Rock Bomb Treasure Of Nadia (Full Guide)

The Treasure of Nadia is quite an interesting adventure game to play. Players can play this game on the Andriod. In this game, players have to play as a protagonist to follow in the footsteps of their deceased father, A famous Treasure hunter Idaho Johnson. On his adventure, the protagonist will meet a woman with whom he will have to communicate to uncover the town’s secret. You have to investigate the Library, the bar, the supermarket, the jungle. This is game is known for its graphics and animations. You will fall in love with this game once you start playing it.

In this game, players have to progress by clearing the path in the Jungle. To clear the path, players have to make the Rocks bombs in Treasure of Nadia. However, to make the rock bombs, players need to have the ingredients with them, In this guide, we will explain how to make the rock bombs in the treasure of the Nadia game.

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How to craft Rock Bomb in Treasure Of Nadia?

To make the Rock Bomb, players have to keep a few things in mind then they can easily make the rock bomb in the game. To make the Rock bombs, players will have to gather the four ingredients in the game. They are as follows:

  • Basic Container
  • Silver Talisman
  • Jade Talisman
  • Nitroglycerin

Players will have to craft all the material in the cave apart from the Basic Container and Nitroglycerin. These two items, players can craft in the Doctor’s workplace. Once players manage to collect all the items in the game, they have to visit the cave in Estero Park. In that cave, they will have to go to the Native Shrine. Upon reaching the native shrine, players have to put all the materials there on the shrine. They will be able to make the Rock Bomb.

How to use Rock Bomb in Treasure of Nadia?

Once players make the rock bombs, then they can use them in varieties of ways such as:

  • They can use the rock bomb to solve puzzles when they are catching the snake.
  • They can blow the rocks in order to clear the path in the game. Once the players manage to catch the snake, they can give it to Jessica and she will save Michael in the game.

After managing to craft the bombs and clearing the path, players have to move further to complete other quests that this game offers to you. That’s all from us about the How To Make Rock Bomb Treasure Of Nadia (Full Guide). I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing this game.

Frequently asked questions in the Treasure of Nadia

Where is the treasure of Nadia?

Players can find the Treasure of Nadia in Cape Vedra which is a town of treasures, mysteries, and beautiful women.

How long does it take to beat the treasure of Nadia?

It takes around 40 hours of play in order to beat the Treasure of Nadia.

What type of game is a treasure of Nadia?

Treasure of Nadia is an adventure game that is meant to play on Andriod. Players get the chance to enjoy adventure, and mystery in the game.

What comes after Treasure of Nadia?

Once the Treasure of Naida gets finished, then Genesis Order will be introduced in the game.

What is the size of the Treasure of Nadia?

Treasure of the Nadia game occupies a lot of space on your device. Make sure that you have 9 GB of free disk space available in the game. You also need to have the AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics card in the game.

Will the treasure of Nadia come to Steam?

Yes, It would be released on the Steam soon.

If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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