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How To Build A Base In Unturned?

Build A Base In Unturned
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Do you want to know about how to build a Base in Unturned? You are in the right spot. In this guide, we will explain how to build a base in Unturned? 

Unturned is a sandbox game. In this game, you have to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. You have to gather the resources, make items, create weapons, forage for food, and battle zombies. However, the key to survival in this game is to have a shelter of your own. Therefore, you must make it a point you have a shelter of your own. In this guide, we will explain how to build a shelter in the Unturned game. Without any further ado, Let’s get started:  

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How to Make a Starter Base in Unturned?

As you start the game, you need to have the Starter Base for yourself in-game. To build a starter base in the Unturned, you need to gather some such resources. For that, you will have to get an axe or a chainsaw from the nearby barn and cut down the trees. You need to collect as many wooden logs as possible. Then you need to go to the crafting options where you will find the “Structures” Tab. In it, you will see all the resources that are required to make your desired items. You need to make the following items below: 


Foundation is the first thing that you need to make. It is the floor of your base. To Craft, you need 3x logs to create a wooden Floor panel. You need to put the floor panel on a flat plain where you want to build your base. 


Pillars are important for the support of the wall and roof. You need around 4 pillars. You can make the pillar using 2x Logs. Once you make them, you need to place them on each corner of the floor panel. 


These are the side panels of your house. To make one wall, you need to have 3x logs. 


  • You need 3X Logs to make one Doorway wall. Once you make it, you need to place it in the left side of the house. 
  • To make a door, you need 5x Planks and a Metal Scrap. You can get the planks from wooden logs in the crafting menu under the Gear Tab. Place the door in the doorway panel. 


To make the roof, you need 3x logs to make the wooden roof panel that you must put on the top of your build by pointing at the floor panel. 

This is the how you can make the basis starter base. You can also add other items to your house such as windows, second floor, torches and many more things. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Unturned

How do you make a metal base in unturned?

You need to create the four metal scraps into two Metal sheets and then make the Metal Sheet Now make a final metal Scrap into a Metal Door. You need to put your Metal Door in the Doorframe. This is how you will be able to make the Metal Base.

How do I stop my base from decaying in unturned?

If you are playing in the server, you need to use the Bedroll. Because Bedroll stops your base from decaying. You can also decrease the size of your base and take help from a friend to claim a bedroll to cover the decaying part of your base.

Where do you get blueprints in unturned?

You can get the Blueprints from Doc Ernie on the Liberator once you complete the 16 quests.

How do you Craft a bed in unturned?

You need to use Metal Scrap x6 and Cloth x9 and Crafting II in order to make a bed in the Unturned game.

How do you make a pine door in unturned?

You need to use Pine Plank x5 and Metal Scrap in order to make Pine Door.

Can you Craft metal bars in unturned?

You need to use Metal Ore x5 and Charcoal x1 and Heat and Cooking I in order to make Metal Bar x5.

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