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How To Breed Axies On Axie Infinity?

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How To Breed Axies On Axie Infinity?

Axis infinity is a NFT based game that concerns cryptocurrency. If you have the crypto tokens on the Axis infinity, then you can easily breed, battle and trade Axis in-game. When you battle, breed in the Axis infinity, and you get the AXS shards and SLPs. you can not avoid the breeding in the Axis Infinity as it is a very central part of the game. You can battle better and you can raise the number of Axis that you get and sell. In this article, we will let you know how you can breed Axies on Axie Infinity to get more axis and other benefits in the Axis Infinity game. 

Breeding Axies on Axie Infinity

If you want to breed the axis, then you will have to follow the steps below:

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  • Make the decision before you breed
  • Keep an eye for the outcomes
  • Don’t avoid the unwanted possibilities
  • Look at the breeding cost
  • Breed your Axies. 

Now you will get to know about all these steps in the detail that will help get the Axis. 

Make the decision before you breed

Planning about your breeding in advance is the important step to buying your Axies. You have to decide what your purpose of breeding is. What will be the outcome of the breeding? You also have to decide as to what kind of breeding you want to have: is it Purebred, is it Axie or is it sacred class? Once you come to a decision then you should choose to buy three Axies to make use of them in the ABC Looping Method. 

Another important thing is that you would like to use your bred axies in your team, you have to make sure that you have to use bred Axies that fit in your battle and can you win the battle. Another thing is that people will consider buying your Axie only when it has some value. You have to get the Axie that can remain valuable as long as possible. 

Keep an eye for the outcomes

You have bought your group of the Axies and then you want to know the outcome of your breeding. Then there is a Axie breeding calculator in which you have to type in Axie IDs and you have to hit the breed to check the outcome. Make sure that outcome you see should be as per what you expected. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can not breed an Axie with its immediate family, however, you can always breed with the distant relatives of your clan’s family. 

Don’t avoid the unwanted possibilities

Don’t use the simulator only once to see the outcome of breeding. You have to consider other things as well. In your Axies, you will see that many of the parents have unwanted genes that you don’t want to pass them to their offspring. As it is highly likely that they will be passed on to their parents, you have to be wary of that as to what to choose or what not to use. 

Look At The Breeding Cost

Whatever you do in life, you have to look at the cost of it to know if it is worth it for you or not. Similarly in the Axies Infinity game, you have to look at the cost before your breed. By looking at it, you will get the idea as to go ahead with it or not go. 

Breed your Axies

After you consider the cost of the breeding, you have to move ahead with the breeding of the Axies and once axies has been bred, you will get an egg in your inventory. In the inventory, the egg will take around five days to mature to the fullest. Then you can convert the mature egg into Adult Axie to know the genes and class. 

Axie Mutation

It be possible that your Axie can have the foreign gene too that you not want it to have. However, you don’t need to worry about it as your Axie gets the foreign gene from the breeding process. Some recessive genes can change the whole genetic pattern of the Axie. But if there are some dominant traits then, it won’t create much impact on them. 

These are all from how to breed the Axies on Axie infinity. It needs to have lots of research to be able to gather all the research about genes

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