Home Gaming How Old Is Brock In Pokemon? (Full Guide)

How Old Is Brock In Pokemon? (Full Guide)

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How Old Is Brock In Pokemon? (Full Guide)

How Old Is Brock In Pokemon? (Full Guide)

You have been following the pokemon series. Those who are playing the pokemon are well aware of the popularity of the Pokemon. When the name pokemon strikes your mind, only the popular trio strikes your mind are Ash, Misty, and Brock. As you can remember, Brock is just like an elder brother to both Ash and Misty. By seeing Ash and Misty, can you assume how old Brock can be!! In this article, we will discuss the age of Brock in Pokemon. 

What is the Age of Brock in Pokemon?

When you watch the Pokemon, you must have observed that brock has a more mature personality when you compare him to his siblings Ash and Misty. He first made his appearance in Pokemon when he was around 15 years of his age. He was an elder sibling to Ash and Misty. 

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But he looks a bit older for his age. It might be the reason that he had to carry the responsibility of his family at such a young that might have worn him down. He is also the eldest of the siblings which is the reason why he looks a bit older for his age. 

There is also another reason where he shows his maturity for his age is when he cojmes across any female character in the game. He makes himself look macho man. When he sees a beautiful woman, he goes mad at seeing them. He becomes ecstatic when any of his crushes get linked with him. 

I am not sure if you have been able to notice any of that. Even if you have noticed any of things, then it is great. Now you know somewhere what is the age of the Brock in the Pokemon. 

That’s all from us about how old brock is in the Pokemon. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Pokemon. 

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