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High School Simulator 2018: How To Get Weapons and know their locations

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High School Simulator 2018: How To Get Weapons and know their locations

We will reveal the list of the locations of all the weapons in this article, But first, we will reveal the list of weapons that players should keep in mind while playing the High School Simulator:

List of all the Weapons in the game-

  • Ax
  • Bat
  • Cat Hat
  • Katana
  • Knife
  • Pistol
  • Shovel
  • Sledgehammer
  • Spear

Other items that you can use as weapons include:

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  • Car
  • Motorcycle

Location of all the Weapons in the game

Below, you will find the locations of all the weapons in the High School Simulator 2018 in Genocide run. 


In the school cafeteria, there is a juice machine near to which you can find the Knife. You think it to be an ordinary weapon but it is one of the most destructive weapons out there in the game. 


There are three places where you can find the Piston in the High school game:

  • Inside the school building
  • On the first floor
  • On the Principal’s desk in their Office

In high school, you will have to get the pistol by calling the cop and snatching his gun on the first floor. You will have to be very careful to use this technique as this is a very difficult technique out there to get the pistol.


This is one of the best weapons in the High school Simulator 2018. You will find the Katana in the bar that is located in front of the Police station. If you know how to get the Katana, you will not care about staying in the school. 


Getting the Spear, you will have to visit the Barber Shop. You need to be very careful with this weapon and it can blow heavy damage when wielded. It is so dangerous that you can harm yourself with it. 

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat can be found on the outside of the school gym. If you don’t find the gym there, you can go inside the gym to get the Baseball bat. 

Shovel and Ax

To get the Shovel and Ax, you will have to visit the shed and school entrance. Players who love the Melee weapons, shovel and Ax will be great weapons for them. 

Cat Hat

You need to visit the Rooftop of the school to get the Cate hat weapon. There is a generator inside the building where you will find the Cat hat. If you want to fly around and cast magic spells, then you can use this weapon. This is quite an interesting weapon to use. 

Car and Motorcycle

You can go to the parking lot of your schoolyard where you will find the vehicle of your choice. You can get a car or motorcycle there. If you want to feel superior then you get the police car or motorcycle. 

This was all about the weapons and their location in the High School Simulator 2018. If you want to get all the weapons at the entrance of the school then head to the settings section and get the random item from the weapon category. 

How to Dispose of a Dead Body in High School Simulator 2018

When you kill someone in the High School Simulator 2018 game, you need to dispose of their bodies. If you leave the body out in the open, then it can invite the people to come and kill you. To dispose of a body, you need to drag the body to the toilet or to a fire pit which is a usual place to dispose of the bodies. 

That was everything from us about the location of weapons and weapons in the high school simulator games 2018. If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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