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Hello Neighbor: How To Beat Hello Neighbor Act 1?

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Hello Neighbor: How To Beat Hello Neighbor Act 1?

Horror games are fun, aren’t they!! Hello, the game is one of the horror games that you will fall in love with the moment you play it.  Hello Neighbor is known to push your mental limits. In this game, players have to go through the neighbors’ house as they try to find out what is hidden in the basement. To make it more difficult, the neighborhood where players go is managed by an advanced AI that keeps on learning from the activities of the players. There are so many barriers in the game, that players find it difficult to beat the Hello Neighbor Act 1. To help you, we have put together a detailed walkthrough to help you complete this stage. 

How To Complete Hello Neighbor Act 1?

The task of the Hello Neighbor Act 1 is to search for the red key to the Neighbor’s basement. To acquire this red key, you will have to struggle a lot as you will have to get to the roof of your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor will always be present there as a vigilant. Therefore, if you want to reach there, you have to maintain the pin-drop silence so as to not let your neighbor know. Go through the below step-by-step guide so that players can know better about how to do that. 

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Getting To The Basement

  • When you try to cross into the neighbor’s house, no matter how good a player you are, you will be caught at first. But don’t worry, you will again start from your home after getting caught. 
  • You need to have some cardboard boxes that are lying nearby to break the window.
  • Go to the entrance of the neighbor’s house and start climbing the window from there, however, the ladder will not be enough to reach the roof, you will have to use the cardboard boxes to climb up further to reach the roof. 
  • Use the hard object to break the window to your left to get into the upper floor of your house. 
  • You will see a red lever on the left side of the wall and you need to give it power before you can start using it. 
  • Now a player needs to remove the painting with a flower from the wall that they will find in the same room. 
  • Once a player has got the painting, a secret will be revealed to him. 
  • You will find a switch that should be switched on, it will blow whatever is on the shelf in the lever. 
  • You will have to place the lever so that the platform can control can get on the ground. 
  • They need to place a box on the shelf with the fan so that it goes towards the lever and activates it. 
  • Players will need to move to the lever before the box moves the lever. 
  • A player will have to get on the platform and break the window above it to gain access to the house again. The Neighbor is on patrol so be cautious. 
  • In the room, a player will see a red key on a table, grab it and exit the house. 
  • A player has to get into the house through the front door and in the first room to the right, he will see a door with a read lock on it Open the read with the red key and get into the basement. 

Complete Act 1

  • Players will have to follow the route until they arrive at the washing machine. 
  • Players need to open this room hidden behind it. 
  • Players can drag down the window in the room and get through it. 
  • Switch on the power on the wall to open another door by using its switch. 
  • Players need to walk till they get to the door with a red light. 
  • Click the switch and get into the room
  • Clear out the chairs and clear the path. 
  • Go back to the switch and switch off the power. 
  • Find the generator on the other side of the fence to the powered door. 
  • Players can collect the items from their surroundings to get over the fence. 
  • Switch on the generator to turn on a green light door on the other side of the fence. 
  • Players will need to hit the switch and go through that door. 
  • It will activate a chase sequence that will end Hello Neighbor Act 1. 

That’s a wrap from us, I hope that you must have liked our article. It will help you Beat Hello Neighbor Act 1. 

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