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Google Snake Mods: How To Get Mod Menu (Github)

Google Snake Mods
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Looking to know how to get Mod Menu? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss about how to get Mod Menu in Google Snake. Without any further, Let’s get started:

Snake is one of the most popular games out there in the world. Players around the world love to play this game to this day. With its popularity, came many variations of the game. However, the Google Snake game stands at the top of the list. In this game, you will see a menu mod that you can unlock and get many rewards. In this guide, we will discuss how to get the Google snake menu mod in the Google Snake Mods.

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How to Unlock Mods on Google Snake Game?

  • Install the Google SDnake Meny Mod.
  • Launch the Chrome Bookmark Manager.
  • Import Google Snake Menu Mod Bookmark.
  • Press on the “MoreMenu.html.
  • Start the Snake game.
  • Open “more Meny Stuff.”
  • This is how you can play all the snake mod menus in the google snake game.

If you want to know full details of the game as to how to mod the google snake menu in the detail, in this guide, you will get to know about it:

How to mod Google Snake (Full Detail) 

  1. Open the GitHub Link.
  2. Install the “MoreMeny.html” file.
  3. Go to the download folder.
  4. Now you have open this HTML page in the browser.
  5. Now press on the “Customize and Control” Button in chrome.
  6. Click on the Three vertical dots located on the top right side.
  7. In the dropdown, click on “Bookmark Manager.
  8. It will pop the Bookmarks menu page.
  9. Now Click on the “Organize” option.
  10. You will see three vertical dots button that is located below the main chrome option.
  11. Press on the Organize option.
  12. You will now see the three vertical dots button that is located below the main chrome option.
  13. Now, select the Import Bookmarks option. This will open a new window for you.
  14. Now click and open “MoreMenu.html file that you have to download.
  15. Click on “open” button located on the lower right of the new window.
  16. This way, A new “imported” folder will be created inside your bookmarks bar.
  17. Close the bookmark manager tab, then open a new tab.
  18. Enter the Google snake game.
  19. Now, new game will appear in the google page now.
  20. Click on the “Play” Button.
  21. Before you hit the play button, you need to complete this process.
  22. Press on the threee vertical dot icon.
  23. Head to the “Bookmarks.”
  24. Head to the “Imported.”
  25. Press on the “More Menu Stuff.”
  26. Click on the Gear icon within the Snake Game.
  27. This way, you will be able to unlock all the items with the game menu.

If you are comfortable with a video guide of all the steps that we have explained to you above, you can watch this video from a Youtube channel called Vaporwave:

That’s all from us about the Google snake main menu. All you need to do is to follow the above steps, you will be able to unlock the Mod menu in the Google snake to get all the exciting rewards that would help you to progress further in the game.

Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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