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How to Get A Girlfriend In GTA Liberty City Stories? (Wiki)

GTA Liberty City Stories
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GTA is quite a popular game to play with. This game has been around for a long time and rules the hearts of many people around the world. It keeps on coming out with new updates. GTA Liberty City Stories is the ninth installment of the GTA Series. When this game was launched, it was launched on PlayStation. Later it was launched on Android and iOS. In this game, you can perform many activities such as flying a helicopter or riding a car, fighting with people, or getting a girlfriend. In this guide, we will let you know if you can get a girlfriend in the GTA Liberty City Stories game. 

How to Get a Girlfriend in GTA Liberty City Stories?

As we dug in further in this game, we came to know that You can not get a girlfriend in the GTA Liberty City Stories game. But you can surely get the girl in this game. To get a girl, you will have to have the car with you. We will let you know about how to get a car and how to get a Girl with a car. 

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  1. There are many ways by which you can get a car in the GTA Liberty city game. 
  2. You can steal a car from a garage. 
  3. There are many garages spread around the city. 
  4. When you go near the Garage, it will open automatically. 
  5. Go inside and get into the car. 
  6. You can also steal a car from the road as well. 
  7. For that, Go near the car and Get the driver out of it and get inside it. 
  8. If you feel that driver will not let you take the car, then you can beat him in order to get the car. 
  9. You can also get the car by finishing a car dealer-side mission. 
  10. You can complete this mission from the car dealership shop in the Portland Area. 
  11. Once you get the car, drive in the city to get the girl. 

How to get the Girl in the Car?

  1. The car you got, you have to take it around the city to search for girls with High boots. 
  2. You have to stop the car in front of them and click on the horn of the car. 
  3. She will come to you and say, “Do you wanna have a good time, honey.”
  4. You have to now wait for a few seconds, then she will open the car door and sit next to you. 
  5. Now you have the option to take her for a drive and throw her outside of the car when you get bored with her. 
  6. She is just a girl who will give you a company but won’t become your girlfriend. 

GTA Liberty City Stories full info (wiki)

Title: GTA Liberty City Stories

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Release date: 11-Feb-2016

Game Size: 2 GB

Genre: Action, Action-adventure, Casual, Single player, Stylised, Anime

Available on: Andriod or iOS

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