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Genshin Impact Korean Voice Actors (Full List)

Genshin Impact Korean Voice Actors
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Looking to know about the Genshin Impact Korean Voice Actors of all the characters. You are in the right spot. In this guide, we will explain about the Genshin Impact Korean Voice actors of all characters.

Genshin Impact is a role-playing game. This game has got many characters. Each character has got voice actor behind them that players feel connected to. Today, in this article we will provide you with list of the characters along with the voice characters. I hope that you would enjoy reading this list.

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Genshin Impact Korean Voice Actors: Playable Characters

  • Albedo: Kim Myung-jun (김명준)
  • Amber: Kim Yeon-woo (김연우)
  • Barbara: Yun Ah-yeong (윤아영)
  • Beidou: Jeong Yoo-mi (정유미)
  • Bennett: Song Ha-rim (송하림)
  • Chongyun: Yang Jeong-hwa (양정화)
  • Diluc: Choi Seung-hoon (최승훈)
  • Diona: Woo Jeong-sin (우정신)
  • Eula: Kim Hyeon-ji (김현지)
  • Fischl: Park Go-woon (박고운),  Oz: Oz: Lee Hyun (이현)
  • Ganyu: Kim Sun-hye (김선혜)
  • Hu Tao: Kim Ha-ru (김하루)
  • Jean: Ahn Young-mi (안영미)
  • Kaedehara Kazuha: Kim Shin-woo (김신우)
  • Kaeya: Jeong Joo-won (정주원)
  • Kamisato Ayaka: Lee Yu-ri (이유리)
  • Keqing: Lee Bo-hee (이보희)
  • Klee: Bang Yeon-ji (방연지)
  • Lisa: Park Go-woon (박고운)
  • Mona: Woo Jeong-sin (우정신)
  • Ningguang: Gwak Gyu-mi (곽규미)
  • Noelle: Lee Bo-hee (이보희)
  • Qiqi: Lee Seul (이슬)
  • Razor: Kim Seo-yeong (김서영)
  • Rosaria: Kim Bo-na (김보나)
  • Sayu: Lee Ji-hyeon (이지현)
  • Sucrose: Kim Ha-yeong (김하영)
  • Tartaglia: Nam Doh-hyeong (남도형)
  • Traveler – Aether: Lee Kyung-tae (이경태)
  • Traveler – Lumine:  Lee Sae-a (이새아)
  • Venti: Jung Yoo-jung (정유정)
  • Xiangling: Yun A-yeong (윤아영)
  • Xiao: Jeong Yoo-mi (정유미)(~2020/12/22), Sim Kyu-hyuk (심규혁)(2020/12/22~)
  • Xingqiu: Gwak Gyu-mi (곽규미)
  • Xinyan: Kim Chae-ha (김채하)
  • Yanfei: Cho Kyung-yi (조경이)
  • Yoimiya: Bak Sin-hee (박신희)
  • Zhongli: Pyo Yeong-jae (표영재)

Genshin Impact Korean Voice Actors: Upcoming Characters

  • Aloy: To be announced
  • Dainsleif: Choi Han (최한)
  • Gorou: To be announced
  • Kujou Sara: To be announced
  • Raiden Shogun: To be announced
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi: To be announced
  • Thoma: To be announced
  • Yae Miko: To be announced

Genshin Impact Korean Voice Actors: Mentioned Characters

  • Alice: Yeo Min-jeong (여민정)[
  • Arataki Itto: To be announced
  • Baizhu: Lee Ho-san (이호산)
  • Cyno: To be announced
  • Dottore: To be announced
  • Iansan: To be announced
  • Kamisato Ayato: To be announced
  • Kuki Ninja: To be announced
  • Lynette: To be announced
  • Lyney: To be announced
  • Pulcinella: To be announced
  • Rhinedottir: To be announced
  • Sandrone: To be announced
  • Scaramouche: Min Seung-woo (민승우)
  • Shikanoin Heizou: To be announced
  • Signora: Yang Jeong-hwa (양정화)
  • Skirk: To be announced
  • Varka: To be announced
  • Yaoyao: To be announced
  • Yunjin: To be announced

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Genshin Impact Download Link, Game Description

Download Link: Andriod and iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Who voices Kaeya in Korean?

Jeong Joo-won voices in Korean.

Who is the voice actor in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Cyno is the voice actor.

Who is Childe’s Korean voice actor?

Nam Doh-hyeong is the Childe’s Korean Voice actor.

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