Home Gaming Free Fire: What are the Free Fire Maps In Real Life?

Free Fire: What are the Free Fire Maps In Real Life?

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Free Fire: What are the Free Fire Maps In Real Life?

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that is one of the most sought-after games in the world. To keep this game, players need to have a good amount of map space. If the players have a good map, then players can have the right amount of coverage, space, and fun. But don’t think that making the right map is an easy task, even if it is one of the most difficult out there in the Free Fire. however, in this article, we will let you know you can get the right map that was based on a real-life place. 

Which Free Fire Maps Are Based on Real Life Locations

Below is the list of the map that is inspired by the reality:

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Bermuda Map In Real Life

If you compare it to other maps of the battle royale game, it is the smallest map out there. Bermuda Map has been created after the real-life island over the coast of the USA in the North Atlantic Ocean. But this map is not restricted to one place. But it includes other locations like Singapur, Malaysia, and various islands of the Indian Ocean. 

People enjoy so much playing on this map as there is lush Greenery in the well residential/industrial setup. This is the map that was created the first in the Free Fire. 

Purgatory Map In Real Life

This is a coastal map that has the same size as Bermuda. This map has been created after the South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. However, players of the free-fire are not able to understand a ski resort being so close to a jungle. If the sea is located, its location is quite funny to think about. The weather also is not so great there. Whatever mountain region you see there is inspired by the real Andes. Even the river that you see in the Purgatory Map is based on the Amazon river. 

Kalahari Map In Real Life

You might expect it to be based on real-life but it is quite the opposite. This is a map that is not based on real life. This map has mostly desert with some vegetation and life on it. However, no one knows where it is based but some people assume by looking at it that it has a resemblance to Australia alongside some other locations of Southeast Asian spaces as well. Places in map-like Indonesian Temple and Clock Tower are based in Pakistan. 

All of these maps are inspired by the different locations in real life. Because of the inclusion of the different maps in the game, these real-life inspired locations make the free fire interesting and fun to play. You will see each map combining the inspiration and other stuff. 

That’s all there is to it and I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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