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Free Fire: How To Increase Movement Speed?

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Free Fire: How To Increase Movement Speed?

Did you ever notice that you do not run as fast as the other players? Did you ever feel in the free-fire that you were not able to catch up to your players? It happened because you did not set the movement speed to a higher level or to the level you can keep up with other players. 

Since you don’t have the required speed in your movement, it makes you an easy target for players which affects your game too much extent. We have written this article for you so that you never lag behind. We will let you know how to increase the movement speed in the free fire. 

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How To Increase Your Movement Speed in Free Fire?

Below you will find a few ways by which you can increase your movement speed in the free-fire:

Increase your Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

  1. Go to the game sensitivity settings
  2. Keep all of your settings apart from the General and AVM scope to 100. 
  3. Keep your General settings to 70. 
  4. Keep your AWM scope to 50. 

The above settings that we have suggested are related to what your own mobile can handle. 

Make your Free Fire HUD Button as Small as Possible

Most of the players keep their HUD buttons very large. Because of that, their fingers have to do the extra work and it affects your visibility on the screen too. Therefore, you need to keep your HUD button as small as possible so that you will have more visibility on the screen. It will let your fingers do less work in the game as you go further in the game. 

Change Your Grenade Placement Settings

Keep your grenade on the left side and create its size 50%. Also, change the transparency of the weapon box to 100%. Keep in mind that doesn’t make the size of this bigger than 74%. 

Use Free Fire Characters Movement Abilities

You need to select your character with whom you will play strategically. You need to use the characters like Joseph, Alok, and Kylie to raise your speed in Free fire. It will help you to be more flexible and agile as you go further along the field. 

Practice Gun Switching in Free Fire

While you are running, make sure that you switch your gun and try to run with your hands fully free. It will increase your speed. This technique will let you run as fast as possible. Your hands are free, you can play the game in a much better way. 

Run through Open Doors And Windows

Don’t run by the closed windows and doors as you are required to put in extra movement thereby reducing your movement speed. Always aim for the opened windows and doors to increase your movement speed in the Free Fire game. 

You can increase your movement speed in the free-fire if you play solo Vs Squad. But it is quite difficult to play in this mode. It is not worth the effort to play in this mode. 

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to increase your speed if you want to run faster. They will surely increase your speed more than before. You can easily get into the safe zone earlier than anyone else. That’s all from us. We hope that you will enjoy playing this game. 

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