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Free Fire (FF): How To Get A Shield?

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Free Fire (FF): How To Get A Shield?

Free Fire is a Multiplayer Battle Royale game. It is one of the most successful games out there. This game is quite famous for the kind of characters that they get in the game. In the free fire, players can also heal the wounded characters. Even Free Fire launched two a few characters such as K and Alok who had the healing power. But keep in mind that players can not get the shield through these characters. In this article, we get to know about a character that gives a Shield Skill Dome that gives the players of free fire some protection. Scroll down to know more. 

How to Get Chrono & His Shield Skill In Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has launched this new character named Chrono which is based on the Cristiano Ronaldo. This character is quite strong in the Free Fire. Chrono has the ability to get the shield that plays important role in protecting the players from the intense damage of enemies. The moment, this character was launched, FF players did not leave a stone unturned in buying this character. The ability of the choro that creates the Shield dome is called a Time-Turner. Players need to turn on the Time turner to get the Shield. Shield has the capacity to endure the dame 600 damage from the enemies. The cooldown comes to 50 seconds. Remember that Time Turner has the ability to Buff the base movement of the player by 15% with a cooldown of 50 seconds. Once you level up the ability, the movement can be buffed by 30% with a cooldown of 40 seconds. Below is where you can shield skills in FF. 

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Another important thing that you need to know is that player need to top up 100 Diamonds, however, this event has ended, and the prices of the Chrono has increased tremendously. If you did not buy it then you can follow these steps to get it.

Ways to get the Choro character in Free Fire: 

Purchase bundles: You can buy a package Bundle that is available in the in-game store. You will have to pay 2,750 Diamonds to purchase the Chrono character along with other exclusive items. This way, you can get Chrono’s Shield skill. 

Wait for the Next Special Event: when the Chrono character was launched, a lot of people purchased it which led to its demand and price of 599 diamonds. It might be possible that free fire come up with a new special event soon to keep the players happy where he can offer them Chrono characters at cheaper prices. 

Spin Bundle: you can get the Chrono and his Shield skill through the spin bundle. All you have to do is to get the spin bundle for 20 Diamonds per round. Therefore, you must get your hands on the Spin bundle. 

Purchase Directly: if you are very impatient and want to use the Shield Skill at any cost. Then you must go to the in-game store and buy the character with your diamonds. 

These are some of the ways you can get the shield through the Chrono characters. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article.If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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