Home Gaming Fortnite: Will Elon Musk Buy Fortnite? (2022)

Fortnite: Will Elon Musk Buy Fortnite? (2022)

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Fortnite: Will Elon Musk Buy Fortnite? (2022)

Fortnite: Will Elon Musk Buy Fortnite? (2022)

There are rumors floating around that the Elon musk is going to buy the Fortnite. This news has made many of the Fortnite players very excited as well as nervous. In this article, we will try to cover whether Elon musk has really bought the Fortnite or not.

Will Elon Musk Buy Fortnite to Delete it?

The billionaire recently made the headlines for buying Twitter. However, some people also thought that he has bought the Fortnite. This made many of the Fortnite players nervous and exciting at the same. It be weird that losing your game when someone really thinks that it thinks can make the whole matter very complicated. 

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It is sure to make you worried when you come across a tweet that Elon Musk buys the Fortnite. Many of the articles on the internet quoted him. He was supposed to delete it to prevent the kids from getting addicted to it. 

However, keep in mind that Elon musk is not going to buy the Fortnite as he has got many other important ventures to invest his money in. Talking about that tweet where he is seen tweeting that he buys the Fortnite is from 2018. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about that. 

So take a deep breath, start up your mobile or PC and get gaming. There are more important quests to complete in the game before Elon eventually gives in, buys Fortnite, and decides to delete it for the meme.

For now, no one is going to snatch your favorite game out of your hands. You can rest assured of that. You can go and enjoy your game as you always do. Elon must be not going to buy Fortnite and it was just a joke from the Elon musk. 

You might have many important quests to complete in the game. Therefore, just start your mobile and PC. Play your game as you have never before. This must be a relief for you. I hope so. 

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