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Fortnite: What Is Siphon In Fortnite?

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Fortnite: What Is Siphon In Fortnite?

Fortnite is the most popular virtual game in the world today. What makes this game so interesting is the new things that it keeps coming up with for its players.  Games modes are a significant part of Fortnite. When talking Fortnite, it has launched around seven core game modes so far. It still does not stop from bringing out more modes to keep the fun alive for the fans. Of all the modes, some of the modes have been successful and some of them are not that popular. Talking about the Siphon in Fortnite, Siphon is the most popular mode in this game. We will discuss what this mode is all about and why it has been pulled from the non-competitive battle royale mode. 

Siphon In Fortnite: What is the Siphon in Fortnite?

Siphon was launched in Dec 2018. It was a limited-time game mode. As a part of this game mode, players of the Fortnite did not get the healing items that were necessary to endure in the game for a long time. There was only one way by which they could get their health back to Siphon it by killing other players. In this, if a player killed an opponent, then 50 health or shields were added to their existing health depending on the status of their health during the kill. If a player got low health, then they would get 5o health. If their health was not as low, they would end up with a shield instead.

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This game mode was later introduced as a game mechanic. Similar to the Siphon game mode, this mechanic promoted more aggressive gameplay as players had to kill to get health, shield, or materials in the game. While it was intended only for competitive play, Fortnite briefly introduced the Siphon mechanics to regular game modes as well. 

However, it was quickly pulled back in v8.20. This caused a lot of uproar due to higher skillset players wanting the mode to be brought back.

This game mode was launched as a game mechanic. This game mechanic encourages more aggressive gameplay as players have to kill opponents to get the health, shield, or materials in the game. 

The Fortnite makes this to enhance the competitive spirit among the players. Fortnite also briefly introduced Siphon mechanics to regular game modes as well but it was called back in v8.20. This calling back of the game mode created lots of resentment among the skilled players to bring the siphon mechanic back. 

After this resentment was raised, Epic Games came out in the open explaining the reason why Siphon mechanics was called back. They said that only 10% of the players became active after the siphon mechanic was introduced. But this introduction became too much for the 90% of the players with average skill sets. 

Epic Games took the cognizance of all the interests of all players. 90% of players were not able to enjoy the game as much as they wanted. They kind of stopped engaging with the game that much. 

However, those players who want to enjoy the siphon mechanics will have to use the arena mode to be able to play the fortnite game. 

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