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Fortnite: What is an Illegal Restart Warning?

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Fortnite: What is an Illegal Restart Warning?

Fortnite has come out with a new 15.30 new update. This update is quite troubling for a few accounts. Because whenever they open the game, they get the warning on the Fornite: “Due to your recent actions, you have been issued a competitive warning for Illegal Restart”?  Getting this warning has been very problematic and worrying for the players as they are worried about their accounts. In this article, you will need to know about the Fortnite illegal restart warnings. And what you can do to address this restart warning issue. 

Fortnite: What is an Illegal Restart Warning?

Below is the everything you need to know about the Illegal Restart warning: 

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What is an Illegal Restart?

When you are playing a tournament and you lose the tournament and re-enter into a competitive tournament, then this process is called an “Illegal Restart”. It will be counted in the Illegal restart if you enter the same tournament as a part of a different team through another server (through VPN) or even through another account. (such as smurfers)

What happens if You Continue with the Same Behaviour?

If the players continue with this behavior of closing the tournament and re-entering it then Epic can go to the extent of banning the accounts of such players. Epic has stated this action in the previous rules. However, Fortnite did not put an official clarification on the same. If there is a complete ban on the accounts, it will mean the loss of the skins, XP, and all player progress. All you need to do is to stick to the rules and everything will be okay in the Fortnite. 

I Have Not Made an Illegal Restart but still got a Warning

Remember that if you have not made an illegal restart and haven’t taken into the bad competitive behavior then such players need to be worried about it. Whenever they receive such a warning, all they need to do is overlook this warning. It simply means that Fortnite has sent you this warning illegally and committed nothing wrong. Even those players who did nothing and yet received the warning, Fortnite has apologized to them in the recent tweet. 

How do I Stop Getting the Warning?

If you are someone who is following rules properly and did not do anything then you must not be worried. Even if you leave the game for any reason, you just need to wait for another game to begin to be able to rejoin the game. However, make sure that you stay in the same team, region, and account when playing a single tournament. 

That is everything about the Fortnite illegal restart warning in 2022. Keep in mind that Epic is trying hard to run the game fairly and it is striving hard to take stringent action against the cheaters. Epic is trying to maintain the level playing field in the game. If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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