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For Honor Tier List: Get to know about Best Heroes

For Honor Tier List
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For Honor Tier List: Get to know about Best Heroes

For honor is an action video game. This is the game that was created and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can play this game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This player lets the players take on the historical forms of soldiers and warriors such as Knights, Samurai, and Vikings.

You need the right characters in order to win this game. In this guide, we will present to you with For Honour Tier List that will give you a list of different characters. There are around 29 characters in the For Honor game. To play the game in the best way, Players need to practice a lot. Then only, they will be able to develop mastery over this game.

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Let’s get started with the For Honor Tier List to find your favorite characters.

For Honor Tier List: Best Heroes

For Honor S-Tier List:

The list that we are going to present to you is a very powerful list. The characters in this list are the strongest. If you have the character from this list, you can blow huge damage to your opponent. However, you also need to play that your opponent does not have the character from this list. Else, you are doomed. All these characters are very fast and have great stamina.

Kyoshin (Hybrid)S-Tier
Warlord (Heavy)S-Tier
Warmonger (Vanguard)S-Tier
Conqueror (Heavy)S-Tier
Nobushi (Hybrid)S-Tier
Jiang Jun (Heavy)S-Tier
Shinobi (Assassin)S-Tier

For Honor A Tier List:

As we described above the S Tier list characters are the best. But it does not mean that you should avoid A-tier list characters. They are known to be equally powerful to the S tier. In fact, A-Tier characters can easily defeat the S-tier characters. You need enough practice and know the technique. You will be set. Therefore, you must not avoid this list.

Hitokiri (Heavy)A-Tier
Shugoki (Heavy)A-Tier
Kensei (Vanguard)A-Tier
Black Prior (Heavy)A-Tier
Shaolin (Hybrid)A-Tier
Nuxia (Assassin)A-Tier
Berserker (Assassin)A-Tier

For Honor B Tier List

This Tier’s characters are the best. You can create a significant impact in the game by choosing these characters from the B-tier list. Since you don’t need the power in order to win this game. You need to have a combination of strong attacks, and good defense. If you make your team with full balance. Then, you can wreak havoc in the for-honor game. This is the reason you must pick up the characters from this list also to have good defense in the game.

Jormungandr (Heavy)B-Tier
Highlander (Hybrid)B-Tier
Raider (Vanguard)B-Tier
Gryphon (Hybrid)B-Tier
Zhanhu (Assassin)B-Tier
Shaman (Assassin)B-Tier

For Honor C Tier List

The characters in this list may not be strong characters. But they have the ability to provide you with a great learning experience in the game. If you are a beginner in the game, you can pick these characters to practice in the game to acquire perfection in the For Honor game. But it is a fact that if you pose these characters against the characters from the high-tier list. Then C-tier characters are sure to lose.

Orochi (Assassin)C-Tier
Centurion (Hybrid)C-Tier
Peacekeeper (Assassin)C-Tier
Valkyrie (Hybrid)C-Tier

For Honor D Tier List

However, players should be extra cautious while picking up these characters for the honor game. When you are playing with them, they will deal less damage to the opponent. They are sure to lose if come face to face with the strong characters. However, you can have fun with them when you are playing your game.

Gladiator (Assassin)D-Tier
Warden (Vanguard)D-Tier
Tiandi (Vanguard)D-Tier

For Honor LOL Tier List

Players are recommended to stay away from these characters. As they are of no use to the players. However, players must know about them. If the players choose the characters from this list, they are sure to lose. Therefore, avoid them.

Aramusha (Hybrid)LOL Tier
Lawbringer (Hybrid)LOL Tier

This is the list of the characters that players can know and can choose when they are playing the game. Make sure that you don’t choose the characters randomly, you pick the characters once you practice with them a lot. It would let you know what character you are the most comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions in For Honor

Is For Honor a free game?

For Honor is absolutely free to play. Players can play this game for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Can Players play on Andriod?

No, Players can not play this game on Andriod.

Can you play For Honor offline?

Players can not play this game offline. You need to be connected to the internet all the time in order to play For Honor game.

How do I get better at For Honor?

To become better at For Honor game, you need to play this game a lot. As practice makes the man perfect. Players need not be afraid of the facing the attacks in the game.

Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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