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Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Refine Weapons?

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Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Refine Weapons?

Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Refine Weapons?

Fire Emblem Heroes is quite an interesting game to play. Fire Emblem Heroes is part of the Fire Emblem game series. It was launched in 2017. If the players want to taste the victory in the Fire Emblem Heroes, then they will have to select the between the original cast of the Fire Emblem series as well as new heroes. Then they will have to fight in the battle. However, if you are not in possession of the right weapons, then you can not win this game. Therefore, you will have to refine weapons out of many weapons in Fire Emblem Heroes. 

In this article, we will get to know how to refine the weapons in Fire Emblem Heroes and how you can strengthen them. 

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How To Refine Weapons In Fire Emblem Heroes Using The Weapon Refinery?

If players want to refine the weapons, then they will have to take the help of the Weapon Refinery to refine and strengthen the weapons. However, it is also not easy to get a weapons refinery. You are required to complete Book 1, Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline. Then players will have to complete the Rite of Blades chapter to get the Weapon. 

Players will now get the Refining stones and Arena Medals after unlocking the Weapon Refinery. With items, players can easily refine their weapons to make them stronger. Players will also have to take part in the game’s modes and quest to be able to get the refining stones and arena Medals. Another prerequisite to refining the weapons, players need skill points that they can get by training their allies. 

Players can also refine the weapons using the Divine Dew. To get the Divine Dew,  you will have to refine more weapons in the weapon refinery. 

Advantages of refining the weapons in the Fire Emblem Heroes:

In the Fire emblem heroes, as a player, you have only limited resources, therefore, players should decide with a lot of care to upgrade each weapon. There are the following advantages to refining weapons in the fire emblem Heroes: 

  • Heroes who have refined weapons will receive the visual effect when they wield the weapons in the battle. 
  • Players can also find out the opponents with the refined weapons. 

That’s all from us about how players can refine the weapons in the fire emblem heroes.

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