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Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV: How To Get Pixie Wings In FFXIV?

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Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV: How To Get Pixie Wings In FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV is a multiplayer online RPG game. This game is available on XBOX, PlayStation, and PC. In this, Players have to reach heights and unlock the items for free. This game is known for its accessories and appearances. Of all the accessories, Pixie Wings are one of the accessories that are quite popular. However, there is a different way to get them. If you want to unlock the Pixie Wings in FFXIV, then we will let you know through this article. 

How To Unlock Pixie Wings In FFXIV?

Remember that, Getting the Timeworn Almastyskin is a prerequisite to getting the Pixie wings in FFXIV. You can not get them as a reward for completing any quest or challenge in the game. However, if you want to start searching for the Timeworn maps, remember that you must be on level 85 and have 90 regions as they are unlocked only after that. 

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When you are on the map, ready to search for the Fishing spots and collect nodes with your Disciple of Land Character on these maps. The Disciple of Land has a cooldown of 18 hours, therefore, players need to wait a bit longers to get the spots and get the wings in the game. 

Another way to grab the Pixie Wings in FFXIV in case you don’t have to wait that long and reduce the grinding. You have an easy route to go. Timeworn Maps are purchased from the Market board but as nothing comes for free, the same applies for the Timeworn map. Players are required to pay huge cash for it. It is based on the decision of the players if they want to choose the path of the Grinding or they want to pay heavy cash to grab the Pixie Wings in the game. 

You need to find and arrive at the location of buried treasure o the map and battle with enemy bosses and you can get a chance to receive these wings from the drops. However, keep in mind that they are very rare to get. You can create the chase to get them every time you complete the Timeworn map in FFXIV. 

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