Home Gaming FIFA 22: Uncovering Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22

FIFA 22: Uncovering Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22

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FIFA 22: Uncovering Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22

FIFA 22: Uncovering Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22

Solving different puzzles can be interesting in FIFA 22 minigame. It is a part of the SBC or Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 22. However, there might be many challenges in the game but one of the most difficult you will encounter is Puzzle Master SBC. if you want to complete this challenge, you need to be very strategic in having a specific player group. You can not complete this challenge without the help of specific players group. Puzzle Master is called has a specific reason. It is not called Puzzle Starter. In this article, you will get to know about the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22. 

What is the Trick to Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22?

You need to make sure that seven of your eleven players need to have a loyalty bonus if you want to complete the challenge. It would simply infer that they come in a group or you need to play the ten games with some of these players on your team. Apart from this, you have to complete the following: 

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  • Exactly 9 nationalities
  • Exactly 7 leagues
  • Maximum 3 players from the same club
  • Minimum team rating – 82
  • Minimum chemistry – 85

If you don’t have the loyalty bonus, you can not fulfill the Puzzle Master SBC requirements. There is no chance of completing all of the requirements since it is so difficult. You also need to pursue the layout of the club and nation links as given below. Then, you can come up with your own solution to each problem. 

In this article, we give you the cheapest and best players that are present in the game. However, it will increase the demand so does the prices. This will make it complicated to complete the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22. 

If you play with the cheapest and best players, you will have to understand the links and why the team works. You have to keep your eyes open for the Green, Orange, and other links. You can take the example of Demrial in the team above. Why is he needed? His uniqueness in the team makes him very different from the rest. He has a special league and a nationality. You can work on the rest of the team to get the best out of the cheapest players in the game. 

This was our guide on how to decode the Puzzle master SBC in FIFA 22. I hope you are enjoying playing FIFA 22 game.

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