Home Gaming FIFA 22: How to complete the Honesty SBC in FIFA 22 today?

FIFA 22: How to complete the Honesty SBC in FIFA 22 today?

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FIFA 22: How to complete the Honesty SBC in FIFA 22 today?

FIFA 22 is the game that offers the Squad Building Challenges in which players can participate and win lots of rewards upon completing the challenges. Recently, a new Honesty SBC was released by the name of the honesty SBC that also includes many tasks which we will know in this article how to complete. 

FIFA 22 releases SBC from time to time which will be better for you if you get them. As they offer you many rewards. For all those rewards that are released, you must look at the FUT Captains’ promo player items that are the most wanted right now. These cards will give you great stats and improve the rosters of the players when you get them. 

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Here is how to complete the Honesty SC in FIFA 22.

Honesty SBC

If the players this Single-task SBC in the game then they get the chance to get some great promo packs. For the players, it gives you many features that players find very cheap to get. However, keep in mind that these features will be staying in the game for a temporary period of time and they will be able to get decent rewards at the price point. 

If you want to complete the Honesty SBC, then the following are the requirement you have to fulfill: 

  • Same League Count: Minimum 3
  • Nationalities: Minimum 4
  • Same CLub Count: Maximum 6
  • Rare: Minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 75
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 90
  • 11 players in the squad

However, completing the honesty SBC can be very expensive for the players as they might have to spend as much as 6000-7000 FUT coins to complete the Honesty SBC. If players can get a reduced price if they use the fodder from the player inventory. 

Whatever features and rewards you get, they will be staying in the game for as long as 37 hours. However, once you avail of them, you can not get them back. Players will be getting a Rare Mixed Players pack as the completion reward. 

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