Home Gaming Evil Dead: How To Unlock Lord Arthur? (Full guide)

Evil Dead: How To Unlock Lord Arthur? (Full guide)

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Evil Dead: How To Unlock Lord Arthur? (Full guide)

Evil Dead: How To Unlock Lord Arthur? (Full guide)

Evil Dead: Evil Dead is quite an interesting game to play. This is the game that brings the horror series to PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Window players. In this game, players have the option to choose from a wide cast of characters from the original movies as well as the TV series. Players want to unlock their favorite characters but they don’t know how to unlock them. In this article, we will talk about how you can unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead. scroll down till the end of the article: 

How To Get Lord Arthur In Evil Dead: The Game?

If the players want to get Lord Arthur, then they will have to finish the Fifth chapter of the single-player mode in Evil Dead: The Game. This fifth chapter is also known as Homecoming King. Players have to go about picking up Kandarian Dagger, Necronomicon, and Arthur’s legendary Exalibur to reach the end of the mission. To get these items, players will have to travel all over the map and they might find it difficult to find them. However, in this article below, we have given the best ways to unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game. 

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How To Complete The Homecoming King Mission?

Getting The Kandarian Dagger

  • Players can find the Kandarian Dagger in the Fishing Village or at the Flight 666 Airstrip. 
  • Players just need a shovel and a crossbow for this mission. You can grab these items at the Lucky Valley Lodge. 

Getting The Excalibur

  • Go to the tunnels under the Fryingpan Tunnel and battle Evil Ash. 
  • Defeat Evil Ash instead of sending him away. 
  • Find the location of the Excalibur in the Payne Manor.
  • Fight red skeletons to get to the Manor. 
  • Head back to the Fryingpan Tunnel.
  • Go through the rift of space and time. 
  • Fight deadite after being transported. 
  • Defeat the Evil Ash. 

Getting The Necronomicon

  • Players can find the Necronomicon at the Knowby Cabin. 

If you are able to go through all the processes, all you need to do will be able to unlock Lord Arthur In Evil Dead: The Game. That’s all from us about how to unlock Lord Arthur in Evil dead. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as enjoyed playing the evil dead game. 

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