Home Gaming Evil Dead: Best Demon Puppeteer Build (Full Guide)

Evil Dead: Best Demon Puppeteer Build (Full Guide)

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Evil Dead: Best Demon Puppeteer Build (Full Guide)

Evil Dead: Best Demon Puppeteer Build (Full Guide)

The Evil Dead is a quite good game to play. The Demon Puppeteer is also known as Eligos, the Demon of The Mind. In this game, out of three Kandarian Demons, Demon Puppeteer is the most difficult to master. As it has a floor that is as high as the Character’s ceiling. The Puppeteer has also got good skills. This demon can force the survivor teams to quit the game before it starts. A demon can also make the playing the game hell. But in this article, we will let you know about the best demon Puppeteer Build in the Evil Dead. 

Skills for Puppeteer Demon in Evil Dead Game

If you want to master the Puppeteer, then you are required to understand the basics of being a demon in Evil Dead: The game:

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  • If you want to survive then Internal Energy is your key as it creates your threat level. 
  • If you set up the traps everywhere, it will lead you to victory. 

When you enter the game, the first that you have to do is build up your threat level by having the internal energy. Setting traps will slow down survivors and remove those that are weak in the game. Keep in mind, that when your threat level keeps on increasing, you have to also upgrade your Basic Portals and possessions. This will help you to kill the survivors. 

As the Puppeteer Boss, you have these stats:

  • Defense 3/5
  • Damage 4/5
  • Speed 3/5
  • Abilities 4/5

Your Passive Skills will consist of: 

  • Inability to be knocked back
  • Can be stunned when its balance is fully depleted
  • Will be invisible while moving

Below are the actions that the Puppeteer Boss can do in the game: 

  • Light Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Casting Stones
  • Psycho Squeeze
  • Telekinetic Surge

Best Demon Skills to Focus on Puppeteer Build in the Evil Dead Game

Below, you will read how you can make a great build for the Demon Puppeteer in Evil Dead the Game: 

  • The class is dependent on the possession so it is better to use that ability to the fullest.
  • Pay attention on getting the Berserker (Basic) and elite units in the game instead of just survivors. 
  • The main goal of the Puppeteer is to overpower the survivors with units as well as through ranged attacks. 
  • You should not fight against the Survivors upfront because your defense it only 3/5..
  • You should also improve your skills that cause lots of damage like Shock and Awe, Insane Clown Posse, High Voltage, Demonic Demolition, and Berserker Blowout. 
  • You can also improve your other skills such as head start and Infernal revenue, improving those skills will give you the advantage. 

If you follow what I have told you, you can become one of the most destructive things in the evil dead game. This is the way you can create the most dangerous Puppeteer Build in the Evil dead game. That’s all from us about Evil Dead The Game: Best Demon Puppeteer Build.

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