Home Gaming Elemental Awakening: A guide to full Tier List (May 2022)?

Elemental Awakening: A guide to full Tier List (May 2022)?

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Elemental Awakening: A guide to full Tier List (May 2022)?

Elemental Awakening: A guide to full Tier List (May 2022)?

Elemental Awakening is quite a great game to play. This is a 2021 Roblox game that commands 1.7 million visits on the gaming platform. Elemental Awakening consists of the different elements in it and in the tier list, we will rank them from S to D tier. Talking about their quality, you will see the Elements in the S tier are the best while elements in the D tier should be used. 

Elemental Awakening Tier List

In this article, we will give you the whole Tier list of the elemental awakening games. However, this list is not absolute. You find the tier list as per your own experience. And there is nothing wrong with having a different tier list in the game. As each player has a different way of playing and what they like not be liked by another player. This is the reason, you have to use your own knowledge and experience to decide which one fits you. Then only, you should choose. Below is the tier list of the Elemental Awakening: 

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  • S-Tier: These are considered to be the best element in the game. You must get them as soon as possible. 
    • Gravity
    • Time
  • A-Tier: They not be as good as the S-Tier, but they are by far the best elements in the game that you will ever have.
    • Celestial
    • Lightning
  • B-Tier: If you are not the one who has not spent the substantial time playing Elemental awakening. You must not get these elements. You won’t be able to make the most of them. 
    • Eclipse
    • Reality Collapse
    • Wind
  • C-Tier: If it is the most necessary, only then players must use these items or else they must not touch these items. 
    • Blood
    • Darkness
  • D-Tier: It is better to leave them alone. 
    • Fire
    • Metal
    • Water
    • Earth

That’s all there is to it about the Elemental Awakening Tier List (May 2022). I hope that you enjoy reading this article. 

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