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Elden Ring: Where To Get Lantern In The Elden Ring?

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Elden Ring: Where To Get Lantern In The Elden Ring?

Elden ring is a great game to play with its dark atmosphere and great looks. In the game, you will find many sections where it is very difficult to see and travel through. Places such as Caves, Catacombs, castles where players can not see as there is too dark. Therefore, to see in these places, players need some light where they can see the clear while entering them. 

You might say that Torches are a good way to use but they occupy lots of space in players’ hands who instead could hold the weapon. This is where the Lantern strikes into the picture. They are the good light sources that can lighten up the whole place without the need to hold them in their hands, thereby allowing the players to hold the weapons in their hands. In this guide, I will let you know where you can get a Lantern in Elden Ring. 

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Where to Get the Lantern in Elden Ring?

A Lantern in Elden Ring is a tool that can be attached to the waist of the player to illuminate their surroundings. Since it’s a Tool and not a Weapon, Seal, Staff, or Shield, the player’s hands will be free to use whatever they want. There are two different locations where you can get the Lantern in Elden Ring. Those ways are:

A lantern is not a torch that requires carrying it by hand. A player can attach the lantern to his waist that can lighten up the whole area. By using a lantern, the player’s hand will be free allowing the players to use Weapon, Seal, Staff, and shield. However, there are two different locations in Elden Ring where you can Get the Lantern. Below are the different locations:

  • You can buy the lanterns from the Isolated Merchant in the Southwest of the Weeping Peninsula near the Isolated Merchant’s Shack site of Grace for 1800 Runes. 
  • Another location where you can buy the lantern is from the Nomadic Merchant in South Liurnia of the Lakes near Liurnia Lakeshore site of Grace for 1800 runes.  

I hope that now you know how to access the locations to get to the Lantern in Elden Ring. It is really a great tool to carry as it frees up your hands. To make it more convenient to get it, you can put it in your Items List or your Quick Access Slots. To get it from the items list, you can get it by using the Down button on the D-Pad or the Down Arrow Key and then using the Lantern. To get it from Quick Access, click on the Allotted Button and it will equip the Lantern. 

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