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Elden Ring: What are the Highest Crit Weapons In The Game

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Elden Ring: What are the Highest Crit Weapons In The Game

Elden Ring: What are the Highest Crit Weapons In The Game

“Crit” stands for the critical hits. Critical hits happen when your enemy is at a disadvantageous position and you strike them a decisive blow that ensures your win in the game. Elden Ring game is such where there are a lot of Bosses and hostile characters. You can win over some of them easily while others suck out your whole blood, Still, you can not defeat them. You can not think of victory if you are not in possession of great weapons. Keep in mind that each weapon in the game can give a critical hit. However, you need to keep your eye out when your Enemy or Boss is in a vulnerable state due to having their stance broken, affected by Sleep, Backstabbed, or attacking them Parrying. There are some weapons that have more Crit damage than the others. In this guide, I will show you the highest Crit dealing Weapons in Elden Ring. 

Which are the Highest Crit Damage Weapons in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are different weapon classes with the Crit Damage potential. However, the highest damage potential is the dagger class. All the daggers in this game have 100 in the Crit Stat. of all the daggers, the dagger that causes the highest Crit damage is the Misericorde. The Misericorde commands around 140 crit stats and Scales with E STR and DEX. Despite Misericorde being the highest crit damage weapon among all the weapons in the Elden Ring, it is not worth taking. You need to take the assistance for the Next New Game+ Weapon or your starting Weapon. 

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Best Misericorde Build in Elden Ring

Below are the items you will require to create this build:

  • Weapon – Misericorde.
  • Ash of War – Flame of the Redman’s (Set Weapon affinity to Flame with the Red-Hot Whetblade).
  • Sacred Seal – Giant’s Seal.
  • Incantations – Flame, Grant Me Strength & Golden Vow.
  • Shields – Iron Roundshield ( With Golden Parry).
  • Talismans – Dagger Talisman, Fire Scorpion Charm, Shard Of Alexander, & Flock’s Canvas Talisman.
  • Armor – Raptor’s Black Feathers Chest Armor.

You need to try this build. And you will be able to inflict lots of crit damage on your enemies. If you parry, you can easily deal with a Crit Attack. Using the above tricks, you can one or two shots of your enemies. One Important part of this Build is the Flame of the Redmanes. This Ash of War blows a good amount of Poise damage. You can kill an enemy with just a few strikes. A boss will get killed in 3-4 hits. As of 1:04 Patch, this Ash of War has become more powerful. If you know how to do it, you can cause heavy damage around 6k Crit Damage. 

This was all about the Highest Crit Damaging Weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides like How To See Black Knife Assassin in Elden Ring

That’s all was about the Highest Crit damage Weapons in Elden Ring. I hope that this guide will help you to have the right selection of the Crit Damage Weapons in Elden Ring. 

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