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Elden Ring: All Dungeon Locations in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring: All Dungeon Locations in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: All Dungeon Locations in Elden Ring

When you are playing the Dungeons, You are not required to complete the Elden Ring. in the Elden Ring, you can come across the Dungeons in form of caves, Tunnels, and Castles. While completing the dungeons, you will encounter many enemies and bosses. These bosses can give you drop weapons, incantations, and sorcery spells. In this article, we have made a list of all the main dungeons and where to find them in the mystical lands. In addition to that, we have also given the list of the bosses you will see and the rewards you give. Here is our guide on all main dungeon locations in Elden Ring. 

All Dungeon Locations in Elden Ring

Mentioned below are the main dungeon location according to their regions in Elden Ring: 

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Limgrave Region

In the Elden Ring, you will see 15 Dungeons scattered throughout the different locations in Limgrave. In this article, you will see lots of locations of the dungeons with rewards and bosses you will see in the game: 

Groveside CaveNorth of the Church of EllehBeastman of Farum AzulaFlamedrake Talisman, 1000 Runes
Stormfoot CatacombsNorth-west from the Church of EllehErdtree Burial WatchdogNoble Sorcerer Ashes, 1300 Runes
Coastal CaveSouth-west of the Western BeachDemi-Human ChiefsTailoring tools, Sewing Needle, 1200 Runes
Murkwater CatacombsNorth-East from the Agheel LakeGrave Warden DuelistBanished Knight Engvall Ashes, 1700 Runes
Limgrave TunnelsNorth of the Agheel LakeStonedigger TrollRoar Medallion, 1800 Runes
Murkwater CaveHalfway through the Murkwater RiverPatchesSpear, Leather Armor, Gloves, and Boots. 800 Runes
Deathtouched CatacombsWest of the SaintsbridgeBlack Knife AssassinAssassin’s Crimson Dagger, 1600 Runes
Highroad CaveThe extreme north of the LimgraveGuardian GolemBlue Dancer charm, 1700 Runes
Fringefolk Hero’s GraveBehind a fog wall in Stranded GraveyardUlcerated Tree Spirit, Grafted ScionBanished Knight Oleg’s ashes, Golden Seed, 1500 + 583 Runes
Earthbore CaveNorth-West of the Weeping PeninsulaRunebearSpelldrake Talisman, 2600 Runes
Impaler’s CatacombsNorth-east of the Weeping PeninsulaErdtree Burial WatchdogDemi-human ashes, 2400 Runes
Morne TunnelJump down to the bottom of the canyon in Ailing VillageScary MisbegottenRusted Anchor, 2000 Runes
Tombsward CatacombsSouth of the Church of Pilgrimage in Weeping PeninsulaCemetery ShadeLhutel the Headless, 2200 Runes
Tombsward CaveSouth of the Weeping EvergaolMiranda the Blighted BloomViridian Amber Medallion, 2100 Runes
Castle MorneExtreme South of the Weeping PeninsulaLeonine MisbegottenGrafted Blade Greatsword. 3,800 Runes

Liurnia of Lakes

In the Liurnia, you will see around 9 dungeons. Here are their locations, bosses, and rewards: 

Stillwater CaveSouth of the Stormveil CastleCleanrot KnightClearot Knight’s sword, Winged Sword Insignia, 3300 Runes
Lakeside Crystal CaveSouth of the Luirnia, accessed through Slumbering Wolf’s ShackBloodhound KnightCerulean Amber Medallion, 3600 Runes
Cliffbottom CatacombsSouth-east edge of the Liurnia of LakesErdtree Burial WatchdogKaiden Sellsword Ashes, 3200 Runes
Raya Lucaria Crystal TunnelNorth-east of the LiurniaCrystalianSmithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing, 3000 Runes
Black Knife CatacombsNorth-east of the Liurnia (Pass through the Minor Erdtree).Cemetery Shade, Black Knife AssassinTwinsage Sorcerer Ashes, Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, Black Knife print, 3500 + 1600 Runes
Ruin-Strewn PrecipiceAccessed through Ravine-vailed VillageMagma Wrym MakarMagma Wrym’s Scalesword, Dragon Heart, 24000 Runes
Academy Crystal CaveWest of the Raya Lucaria AcademyCrystalianCrystal Release, 3300 Runes
Road’s End CatacombsWest of the Minor ErdtreeSpirit-Caller SnailGlinstone Sorcerer Ashes, 3000 Runes
Caria ManorNortheast of the LiurniaRoyal Knight LorettaLoretta’s Great bow, Loretta’s Slash Ashes of War. 10,000 Runes


Caelid is situated to the east of Limgrave and it has over 10 optional Dungeons as well. Below is the location of these dungeons:

Minor Erdtree CatacombsSouth-east of the Minor Erdtree in Liurniax2 Erdtree Burial WatchdogMad Pumpkin Head Ashes, 7400 Runes
Gael TunnelBetween the border of Liurnia of CaelidMagma WyrmMoonveil, Dragon Heart, 7500 Runes
Gaol CaveIn the Scarlet Lake. You need two Stonesword keys.Frenzied DuelistPutrid Corpse Ashes, 6700 Runes
Sellia Crystal TunnelOpen the chest in Dragon-burnt RuinsFallingstar BeastSomberstone Miner’s Bell bearing, 5 Smithing Stones, Somber Smithing Stone. 7,600 Runes
Caelid CatacombsEast of the Cathedral of Dragon CommunionCemetery ShadeKindred of Rot Ashes, 6800 Runes
Abandoned Cave (Dragonbarrow)Cross the wall to the east of the Smoldering Wall GraceCleanrot KnightGold Scarab, 7000 Runes
War-Dead Catacombs (Dragonbarrow)Head extreme north after defeating Starscrouge RadahnPutrid Tree SpiritRedmane Knight Ogha Spirit Ashes. 67,200 Runes
Sellia Hideaway (Dragonbarrow)In the town of Sellia, north-east of CaelidPutrid CrystaliansCrystal Torrent, 7000 Runes
Dragonbarrow Cave (Dragonbarrow)The Extreme north of DragonbarrowBeastmen of Farum AzulaFlamedrake Talisman +2, 65,000 Runes
Divine Tower of Caelid (Dragonbarrow)Northeast of the Dragonbarrow West Site of GraceGodskin ApostleGodskin Hood, Robe, Bracers, Trousers. 94,000 Runes


Altus Plateau and Mt. Gelmir

There are many routes to reach the Altus Plateau. There are 15 optional dungeons for players to explore. In this article, you will see each of these dungeons and their locations: 

Unsightly CatacombsBeneath the Perfumer’s RuinMisbegotten Warrior and Perfumer TriciaPerfumer Tricia Ashes, 9400 Runes
Sage’s CaveNortheast of the Abandoned Coffin site of GraceNecromancer Garris, Black Knife AssassinFamily Heads, Concealing Veil, 9000 Runes.
Perfumer’s GrottoFollow the lower road from the Altus Highway junction site of GraceOmenkiller and Miranda the Blighted BloomGreat Omenkiller Cleaver, 8500 + 4000 Runes
Altus TunnelSouth from the Minor Erdtree in Altus PlateauCrystalliansSomberstone Miner’s Bell bearing, 1800 Runes
Old Altus TunnelCentral-west of the Altus PlateauStonedigger TrollGreat Club, 9600 Runes
Wyndham CatacombsSouth of the mountains that lead to Mt.GelmirErdtree Burial WatchdogGlovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing, 12000 Runes
The Shaded CastleIn a valley between Altus Plateau and Mt. GelmirElemer of the BriarMaria’s Executioner sword, Briar Greatshield
Gelmir Hero’s GraveCenter of the Mt. GelmirRed Wolf of the ChampionBloodhound Knight Floh, 21000 Runes
Volcano CaveTo the north and top of the Mt. GelmirDemi-Human Queen MargotJar Cannon. 11,000 Runes.
Seethewater CaveHead north and pass through the ravines of Wyndham RuinsKindred of RotKindred of Rot Exultation. 10,000 Runes
Sealed TunnelSouth of the Lake and next to the Lyndell Royal CapitalOnyx LordOnyx Lord’s Greatsword, 16000 Runes
Auriza Side TombCapital outskirts of the Altus. Close to the Auriza Hero’s GraveGrave Warden DuelistSoldjars of Fortune Ashes, 15000 Runes
Auriza Hero’s GraveEast of the outskirts of Lyndell CapitalCrucible Knight and Crucible Knight OrdovisCrucible Axe Set, Ordovis’s Greatsword. 28,000 Runes
Leyndell CatacombsCan be reached through the Subterranean Shunning-GroundsEsgar, Priest of BloodLord of Blood Exultation. 30,000 Runes.
Sainted Hero’s GraveWest of the Rampartside Path Site of GraceBlack Knife Assassin, Ancient Hero of ZamorAncient Dragon Knight Kristoff Ashes, Black Knife. 11,339 + 24000 Runes

Mountaintops of the Giants

9 optional dungeons in the Mountaintops of the Giants inhabit several bosses, weapons, spirit ashes, and more. Mentioned below are all the locations of these dungeons:

Giants’ Mountaintop CatacombsNorth of the Zamor RuinsUlcerated Tree SpiritGlovewort Picker Bell’s Bearing, Golden Seed. 48000 Runes
Castle SolCross the northern bridge from Minor Erdtree or Stargazer’s ruinsCommander Niall90,000 Runes
Cave of the ForlornSouth of the minor erdtree in Consecrated SnowfieldMisbegotten CrusaderGolden Order Greatsword, 93000 Runes
Consecrated Snowfield CatacombsHidden Area to the east of the Consecrated SnowfieldPutrid Grave Warden DuelistGreat Grave Glovewort, Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak. 80,000 Runes
Yelough Anix TunnelWest of the Consecrated SnowfieldAstel, Stars of DarknessMeteorite of Astel. 120,000 Runes
Spiritcaller’s CaveWestern banks of the Freezing lake in MountaintopsGodskin Apostle and Godskin NobleGodskin Swaddling Cloth, Black Flame Ritual. 70,000 Runes
Giant-Conquering Hero’s GraveHigh atop the plateau to the northeastAncient Hero of ZamorZamor Curved Sword, Armor, Mask, Bracelets, Leg wraps. 83,000 Runes

We could not have made this list with great minds at fextralife

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