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Echoes Of Mana: How To Ascend?

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Echoes Of Mana: How To Ascend?

Square Enix’s Mobile RPG Echoes of Mana is an interesting game to play. Players can download this game on Android and iOS. Echoes of Mana offers a variety of characters with unique features. However, in this game, characters with 4 to 5 stars tend to fare well. But it is very difficult to obtain them in the game. It does not mean that you can not have these characters in the game, all you need to do is to ascend characters and improve their star level in Echoes of Mana. You will know in this article how you can ascend the characters in the Echoes of Mana. 

How To Ascend In Echoes Of Mana?

If Players playing Echoes of Mana want to ascend their characters, they need to abandon the other character with the same star level. If players have a high star level of the character, players will have to take the advantage of more characters in order to ascend. While ascending their characters, they need to raise the maximum character level and the base stats for that character. 

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  • Open the Echoes of Mana and go to the list of characters. You can do so by clicking the Ally Button in the main menu. 
  • Then choose the character they want to ascend. 
  • See an ascend ready notification above the Ascend option if the players have enough characters of the same star level. 
  • Players need to click the Ascend and choose the character that they are giving up to ascend their character. As mentioned, the character will need to be of the same star level as the character players want to ascend. 
  • Click on the Ascend and confirm it. 
  • It will ascend the character and it will get them an additional star. However, the Player will get an increased level for the character. 

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