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Echoes Of Mana: How To Reroll In Echoes Of Mana?

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Echoes Of Mana: How To Reroll In Echoes Of Mana?

Square Enix’s Mobile RPG Echoes of Mana is an interesting game to play. In the Echoes of Mana, there are mechanics where players can pull for characters. However, often Players do not get the pull they often want in the game. When they don’t get the pull, they need to reroll the characters till they get the one they want. In this guide, we will explain to you how players can reroll the characters so that they can have what they want to have in Echoes of Mana.  

How Does Reroll Work In Echoes of Mana?

Players need to follow these steps if they want to reroll in Echoes of Mana: 

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  • Open the new game in Echoes of Mana and finish the tutorial stage. Skip the scenes that are irrelevant to move faster in the game. 
  • Optimize the free pull and proceed to compel the team tutorial. 
  • Once the players complete the tutorials, players can get the Log-in bonuses and pre-registration rewards. 
  • These bonuses and rewards are used to pull off two ten-pull summons in the Rate Up banner. 
  • Use the four-star ticket. 
  • Players who have unlocked the beginner banner can reroll as many times as they like. However, it will give you only 3-star characters. 
  • However, if the players don’t get their desired menu, they can head back to the main menu. 
  • Players can choose the User services and press on the Delete user data. Once players press “confirm”. Their game will reset and they can go through the whole process again to get the character, they want to have. 

Players who want to reroll, don’t have to delete the whole game to reroll in Echoes of Mana, they just need to delete the data from the game and keep rerolling until they are satisfied with the results. If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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