Home Gaming Dislyte: How To Sell Relics? (full guide)

Dislyte: How To Sell Relics? (full guide)

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Dislyte: How To Sell Relics? (full guide)

Dislyte: How To Sell Relics? (full guide)

Many of the players are not aware of what relics are!. They have no idea how to sell them in Dislyte. However, to put things in perspective, Relics are used to get the extra power and effects in the Dislyte. Using the relics, you can upgrade your stats. These relics are engraved on the Espers. Remember that you will see that there are 5 types of relic groups that give different types of power and effects. You can get some of them easily while some are hard to get in the dislyte. To get the relics pieces, players have to beat the bosses and then they get from the Ritual miracles. 

However, you can get through the easier ways too such as Events, Relic Forge, and Cube Miracle. If your Espers is strong enough and fully upgraded, then you can sell the extra Relic pieces easily. In this article, you will get to know how to get them:

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How Can I Sell Relics In Dislyte

Players sell the relics when they are sure that their Easper is stronger and is upgraded. Then they can sell the extra relic pieces. Below you will find how you can sell the relics in Dislyte: 

  • Go to your Dislyte game. 
  • Go to the Inventory and go to the relics. 
  • Choose the Relic pieces you want to sell. 
  • Click on the Sell button. 
  • You have successfully sold the relics. 

Types of Relics

In this section, we will get to know all the five types of Relics: 

  • Shoddy: Shoddy relics are not much useful. A player should not use them much as they don’t have the main stat and no-sub stat. 
  • Good: They are good relics, you can spend your money on them. They have both main stats as well as additional stats. 
  • Elite: These Relics are the most used by players. It has 2 sub-stats. Players can invest in them. 
  • Superior: they are one of the best relics groups. Players find it difficult to get them. You are fortunate to have them. 
  • Flawless: These relics are the best of the best. But the better they are, the harder to get them. You can invest in them without any thought. 

These are types of relics that you can invest in them. I hope that now it is clear to you where to invest and where not to invest. 

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