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Dislyte: How To Promote or Increase Esper Star Rating In Dislyte? (Full Guide)

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Dislyte: How To Promote or Increase Esper Star Rating In Dislyte?

Dislyte: How To Promote or Increase Esper Star Rating In Dislyte? (Full Guide)

Dislyte is one of the interesting games to play. In this game, players are required to fight with the Espers. Those who play this game are aware that Espers are the heroes that have the powers of gods. They derive their powers from patrons like Greek, Norse, and Other mythological gods. Players have the option to promote their Esper Star Rating to strengthen their character in Dislyte. If you want to upgrade the Esper Star Rating in Dislyte, then You must consider reading this article till the end. Let’s get started:

How Can Players Promote Esper Star Rating In Dislyte?

Players can increase the powers of Espers by increasing their level and star rating in the Dislyte. It would help them get ahead in the game. To know the star rating of an Esper, players can see the number of stars on the profile. The more players level up in the game, the more their rating of Esper will increase in the game.

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Both the Level cap and star rating of the players will determine how powerful an Esper will be in the game. This is how players will have star ratings linked to their level. For example:

  • At a base level, Esper will have 1 star.
  • At 20, Esper will have a 2-star rating.
  • At 30 level cap, players will have a 4-star esper rating.
  • At the level of 50, players will have a 5-star esper rating.
  • At the Esper’s level 60, a player will have a 6-star esper rating.

Players are always on the hustle to increase their star rating of esper and to increase their level in the game. All they have to do is to link Esper with similar Heroes or Starimon of the same rating. For example: If the players want to upgrade the 2-star Esper to a 3-star Esper, they require 2 stars Espers or Starimon. If the players want to promote the 3-star Esper to 4-star esper, players would need a 3-star esper rating or starimon. If the players want to convert 4-star espers to 5-star, they would need 4-star esper starimon. This is how this pattern would continue till they can reach the maximum level.

This is how players can upgrade their Esper rating in the Dislyte game. However, complicated it might sound to you. But I hope that now the above steps would make it easier for you to upgrade the esper rating in the Dislyte game. That’s all from us about how to increase the Esper Star Rating In Dislyte? I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Dislyte game.

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