Home Gaming Dislyte: How To Get Relics In Dislyte? (Full Guide)

Dislyte: How To Get Relics In Dislyte? (Full Guide)

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Dislyte: How To Get Relics In Dislyte? (Full Guide)

Dislyte: How To Get Relics In Dislyte? (Full Guide)

Distyle is a mythology game. Players have to increase their level as well as make their character. These are the most important tasks of the game. Players can not do so without making a strong team. Strong teams are built when players farm relics in the Dislyte game.

Relics are very useful to increase the stats of the Espers. There are different kinds of relics in the game. Each relic increases a different stat and players need different relics to get the best result in the game. Esper can get six relics at a time in the game. In this article, we will get to know about how to get the relics in the Dislyte.

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How To Find Relics In Dislyte?

Relics are the result of completing the game levels as well as events. Players have to complete the maps and story level. They will get the relics as rewards. But players getting the relics are not equal. There is a lot of difference between them. They are Fine, Elite, Superior, and Flawless.

Since I mentioned that players will get different kinds of relics as a reward for completing the quest in dislyte. But they can never get a High-Level Relic as a reward. If players want to get high-quality relics, they always have the option to buy them from the shops. Relics can cost the players between 9K to 20K in the Dislyte Gold Shop.

Players can purchase the relics from the Cube shop as well as the tournament shop. Players can also take part in the ritual miracle if they want to get the rare Relics as a reward.

This is how players can get the relics in the dislyte. That’s all from us about How To Get Relics In Dislyte. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing Dislyte game.

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