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Dead By Daylight: What are the Status Effects? (Explained)

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Dead By Daylight: What are the Status Effects? (Explained)

Dead By Daylight is a game that requires a lot of strategy and presence of mind if you want to sail through this game. If you can not make a strategy if you are not familiar with all the functionalities of the game as well as you don’t have the full knowledge of the game. If you must know about the Perks and Add-ons as well as the Status effect in the game that will let you play at your best. Scroll down to see all the status effects in Dead by daylight (DBD) and how they function in the game. 

Dead by Daylight (DBD) Status Effects & What Do They Do?

In the Dead by Daylight, so far there are 18 status effects in Dead by Deadlight, however, in the future, developers will add more status effects and they might remove some of them. You keep following this article as we will keep updating you with more status effects. 

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Blindness effect

It lasts for 60 seconds. In this, the ability of the survivor is blocked so that he can see the Auras of the objects associated with the killer and the outlines. 


In this effect, the movement speed of the killer is raised when he is on the long chase. The bloodlust effect has three Tiers. What works here is that the longer the chase of the killer and the faster his speed will become. However, when the killers hit the survivor or break a Pallet, they lose the ability of bloodlust. 


Broken effects directly affect the survivor’s ability to heal himself and other survivors. Survivors can not heal themselves even if they have a Medkit with themselves. Those players who are affected by the Borken Effect, remain stuck in the injured state. How long you will remain in this position depends on the type of killer and their perks. 


It means in the dead by daylight that the players have got the curse from the Hex Perks. You will know about the curse when it will pop on the right side of your screen. While you are on the map, it will show you that somewhere on the map there is Hex Totem. You need to eliminate it as soon as possible. While deactivating the curse, it will also deactivate the killer’s associated Hex perks too. 

Deep Wounds

If the players get deep wounds, a bar in red, or orange color will pop on under the username. When players flee away from the Killer’s Terror Radius, this bar starts to decrease and players are required to heal and mend their deep wounds within 20 seconds if they want to survive. Remember, after getting the deep wound, your screen starts to darken.  


This effect is very useful as it builds a white aura around the player in which the player can take an extra hit from the Killer without losing any health. If the survivors are rescuing their teammate from the hook then this effect can greatly help the survivors. 


This effect will give an advantage when you use this effect as you will have the same Cool down for your all exhausted perks during the Trial. It will also give you a cool-down reset immediately after getting off the hook. 


When this effect comes, it gives killers the edge to hit the survivors so that they get into a dying state instantly regardless of their health. In this effect, survivors of the game are impacted greatly. 


If you want to make Blood Trails more visible, this effect will ensure that survivor bleeds more. 


When the status effect is applied, the base movement speed of the killer, as well as the survivors, increases by a certain percentage. If you are a survivor, then it makes you able to walk and run faster, and also in the Killer’s case, the killer’s base speed will be faster. 


This Status effect is activated then it works opposite to the haste effect. As It reduces the movement of the survivors by a certain percentage. It will make survivors walk slower than their usual speed, letting the killer have the advantage. 


When this effect is applied, then it prevents the survivor from using certain props like cleaning the Totem, using items, and fixing the Generators. This is the effect that is used by Twins. 


This effect when applied triggers the hallucination in the survivor and the survivor thinks that he has the multiple killers around him. This effect is mainly used by the doctor and it is a 3 tiered status effect. In this, there are bloodstains and Pallets appearing around the player. This can go to the extent where the survivor also starts screaming without any reason which makes it easier for the killer to find the survivor. In this, it also prevents the players from healing themselves. What is more difficult in this effect is that survivors find it difficult to come out of the Hallucinations caused by the effect. 


The healing speed of the survivors is greatly affected if this effect is triggered. As the healing speed gets reduced by 20% in this effect in the situation when two fellow teammates are healing the injured survivors. However, if the player is done healing themselves then status effects vanish. This delay in the healing gives the chance for the killers to get to you in an injured state. 


This effect is activated when you get into a state where you can not hear the terror and heartbeat of the music. You also will not see the auras of the killer. 

Sleep Penalty

In this, it is for a survivor to wake the teammates from the dream that allows the advantage to the killers. This is the effect that is used by the Killer Freddy. 


This status effect is beneficial for the killers. Using this effect, the killer becomes the Undetectable. However, only a few killers can avail of this effect. 


If this effect is applied, then there are more chances of increasing their success rate at unhooking themselves, disarming the Traps, and also assisting in the Chest search. 

That’s everything about the Dead by daylight status effect. You must have noticed that status effects are not good for the survivors. All you have to do is to memorize them by reading through this article. And then you are ready to rock in the dead by daylight. Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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