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DBD: How To Get Mori In DBD Mobile?

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DBD: How To Get Mori In DBD Mobile

Dead by Daylight is quite an interesting game. In this game, the killer makes efforts to stop the survivors from fixing the Generators and catch them for sacrificing the survivors to the entity by putting them up on the hook 3 times. But the killer can avoid the 3rd time with the help of the Memento More and complete the survivors immediately. Here, is how you can get Mori in DBD Mobile.

How to get and Activate More in Dead by daylight (DBD) Mobile?

3 types of Memento Mori’s (Cypress/Ivory/Ebony) are available in the game but they aren’t easy to obtain.

When you go into the match, you have to go into your inventory before that. The inventory is located on the upper left side of your screen and employs one of the 3 Memento Mori in your offering section and you can play your game now. However, in the game, if you don’t have Memento Mori offering then you have to raise your killer level and wait until one of the Memento Mori’s comes in front of you in your Blood Market and you can buy/unlock it with your Blood points.

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If you want to activate the Mori, you have to put the survivor in a dying state and then click on the Memento Mori icon which looks like a skull and will appear on the right side of your screen after the 2 hook progression. However, it depends on wh8ich More you are using, if you are using cypress memento Mori you don’t have to do any progression, But for the other 2 Memento Ivory and Ebony, the two hook progression is necessary.

Types of Memento Mori?

In the DBD game, there are 3 Moris Available for the killer but they can only employ one More. however, survivors can not see Memento More employed by the Killer. Here are the three Moris:

  • Cypress Memento Mori: It has the ability to kill the last remaining survivor without completing the 2 hook stages.
  • Ivory Memento Mori: It can kill one survivor which needs 2 hook stages to be completed.
  • Ebony Memento Mori: it can kill all the survivors which need the 2 hook stages to be completed.

Keep in mind that Flashlight offered by the Mori has no effect on the killer. If the killer is using these Memento Mori, he does not need to be worried about getting Stunned/ Blind by the Flashlight. That’s all there is to Momento Mori in the daylight game.

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