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DBD: How To Find Totems In Dead By Daylight (DBD) Mobile

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DBD: How To Find Totems In Dead By Daylight (DBD) Mobile

DBD: How To Find Totems In Dead By Daylight (DBD) Mobile

4v1 is one of the best games out there. 4v1 stands for killer versus 4 survivors. However, there are some perks/powers given to the killer too to stand against the 4 survivors. The most powerful and dangerous Perks are known as Hex’s Perks. However, it does not mean that they are the most powerful, they can be defeated too. Survivors need to disable these Perks by cleansing the Totems. Keep in mind that Totems are nothing but a tool that is used by the killer to take out their power from it and maintain their perks and they have the appearance similar to 3 skulls tied on a bunch of sticks. Hex Totems have candles burning beneath them and Dull Totem doesn’t. These Totems are the center of the associated perks. If survivors destroy the Totems and the associated totem will also get destroyed. However, there are two types of Totems such as Dull and Hex. We will talk about them later on but for now. Let us know how to find out Totems in Dead by Daylight (DBD) Mobile. 

How to Find Totems in Dead by Daylight (DBD) Mobile?

To find the totems, you need to consider these points given below:

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In the Dead by Daylight game, 5 Totems are drawn on the different areas. They can only be drawn from a certain range away from each other. You need to consider it as their Terro radius. You cannot draw the Totems in the same area. The terror radius can overlap the other terror radius but they can not be drawn next to each other. 

While finding the Hax Totem, there is a candle burning beneath it, you might come across a lot of noise. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear earphones to avoid the noise. The noise would consist of skulls cracking and wood burning. When you start hearing the noise, it would signify that you can now find out the spawn location of the Totem. 

Survivor Perks and Add-ons also help you track down the Totems. Perks and add-ons like

Small game: It is one of the best perks available in the game. You will receive a warning if you are gazing in the side of the Totem in a 45-degree cone within an 8/10/12 meter radius. However, after the activation, you will experience a cooldown of 14/12/10 seconds. It will let you know the number of Totems left around you. After every Dull or Hex Totem is destroyed, the degree will keep fluctuating by 5 degrees.

Red Twine: This add-on will help you locate the Totems better. It will increase the potential of the Map and locates the belongings of the killer by reading their Auras. Stuff like Totems, Hooks, and Traps. You have to be very careful as when you are searching for the Totems, you might be trapped also. 

There are many more Perks and Add-ons like this to help you find the Totems but these Perks and Add-ons can track only those totems which you have passed by.

Keep in mind that Totems are drawn on the amp by the entity. But you can not go on playing the amps and get an idea of the usual location, spots, and corners the Totems have drawn in the past trials. You need to check for Totems under Jungle Gyms, behind the Rocks, Between Tires or near Generators, and also inside the Building. You can find totems in the maps like Farmland Totems in the open field. 

Types of Totems in DBD

There are 2 types of totems, Hex Totem and Dull Totem.

Hex Totems – Players can easily identify the candles burning beneath the skulls and you can also identify them by hearing the crackling sounds of it. Keep in mind that Hex Totems supports Hex perks that killer uses in the game. Hex perk can increase the power of the killer and they can cast a curse on the survivor. However, they can do so until the survivor has disabled those perks. 

However, everything has exceptions, if the killer uses the undying Hex perk, in this case, the perk even after being destroyed can be transferred to the Dull Totem and the Dull Totem will see a change in itself into a new Hex Totem. The killer has a variety of 11 perks, that he can employ himself before departing for the trial. As a survivor after cleansing the Totem, you will get some rewards of 1000-1500 blood points per totem after being destroyed. 

Dull Totems: While you are playing the game and you come across the Dull Totems, then it means that Killer has a few Hex perks and this is time to strike Dull Totems are the types of the Totems that are not activated, and also they are not linked with any of the Hex perks. It would be better for you if you destroy the Dull Totem as soon as you find it. If the Killer has managed to transform Dulll Totems into a new Hex Totem, then you will find it difficult to destroy them. If you manage to destroy the Dull Totems, you will receive the award of 1000 blood points per totem destroyed. 

You need to keep in mind, that once you start destroying the Totem then you will have to destroy it completely if you leave it in the middle. It will reset itself and you will have to destroy it again. Be careful of the Mori used by the killer in the game. 

That’s all there is from us. I hope that you will get to know everything about how to find the Totem in the Dead by daylight. 

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