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Curse Of The Dead Gods: Get to know about Trophy

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Curse Of The Dead Gods: Get to know about Trophy

Curse of Dead is a Shooter game that was created by Passtech Games and Published by Focus Home Interactive. It was launched in 2021. You can download this game for Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. This game consists of 31 trophies that players have to win in order to complete this game. To complete these 31 trophies, players have to finish the different objectives in-game. In this article, we will let you know how you can complete each Trophy and objective to be able to finish the whole game. This game is quite interesting to play. 

Curse Of The Dead Gods Trophy Guide

In this article, we present to you the list of all the trophies that players can get in the Curse of the Dead Gods Trophy Guide. The trophies have been listed in descending difficulty. 

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Difficulty Level: Hard

1. Abnegation

Objectives: To get all other trophies

This is a very rare trophy in Curse of The Dead Gods. However, IT is quite an easy Trophy to get. Players are required to get all other trophies in this guide to be able to get this rare Curse of Dead Gods Trophy. 

2. Memoirs

Objective: Note Down all Bestiary entries with their complete sketches

To complete this trophy, players are required to progress through the game and defeat the same kind of opponents. By this, Bestiary entries are noted down. There are two modes and players are required to complete the game in both modes to be able to collect all the Bestiary entries to unlock this game. 

3. Diligence

Objective: Complete 10 different “Special Events”

In this, Special events keep on appearing in the game. Players need to complete the 10 different special events to attain this trophy. Keep in mind that Special events are one-time explorations that players can get into before they completely disappear.

4. Deliverance

Objective: Become the new Champion of Death

To get this trophy, players need to finish both Normal and Hard Exploration modes. 

​​5. Insanity

Objective: Create 10 Blood Offerings during a single exploration

To get this trophy, players need to pay 10 times when they purchase Attributes, Upgrades, Weapons, or Relics from a monolith. 

6. Temptation

Objective: Employ the three weapons slots with Cursed weapons

Keep in mind that cursed weapons are a rarity in the game. You need to unlock the Forsaken Weaponry Shop. But to unlock it, Players will have to find them. Then, the players can get each weapon slot with a Cursed weapon to complete the task. 

7. Clairvoyance

Objective: Complete any exploration with 50 or more Perception

Players need to get sufficient Relics and Weapons and they need to through Attribute Rooms to increase the Perception to 50 points. 

8. Invulnerability

Objective: Complete any exploration with 50 or more Constitution

Much like Clairvoyance, players looking to unlock the Invulnerability trophy will need to get enough upgraded Relics and Weapons as well as go through Attribute Rooms to get 50 or more Constitution.

Similar to Clairvoyance, players will need enough upgraded Relics and Weapons as well as go through Attributes Rooms to get 50 or more constitutions. 

9. Devotion

Objective: Unlock 20 Blessings of the Dead Gods

You can unlock the Blessing from the circular tile.  You will find this tile where the players come back to life after dying and finishing a run. From here, you can choose the Blessings option and unlock as many Blessings as you want. Players need to keep in mind that Unlocking Blessings will cost your Crystal Skulls. 

10. Restoration

Objective: Unlock all Weapon Altars upgrades

You need to unlock all the Weapons Altars and then update all the Weapon Altars by spending Crystal Skulls. 

11. Omnipotence

Objective: Complete any exploration with 50 or more Dexterity

Players can get this trophy if they get sufficient Relics and Weapons as well as going through Attribute Rooms to obtain 50 or more Dexterity. 

Difficulty Level: Medium

12. Deception

Objective: Defeat Clovis Pardieux, Champion of Death

13. Avidity

Objective: Defeat the Dark Avatar of the Serpent

14. Vanity

Objective: Defeat the Dark Avatar of the Eagle

15. Collection

Objective: Unlock 20 Forsaken Weapons

16. Cruelty

Objective: Defeat the Dark Avatar of the Jaguar

17. Power

Objective: Equip a hidden Champion weapon

18. Mastery

Objective: Get 3 successful Parries in less than 2 seconds

19. Relief

Objective: Lift the Final Curse

20. Depravity

Objective: Defeat Ratyapu, the Abomination

21. Invention

Objective: Defeat Malok paal, the Flesh Monstrosity

22. Toughness

Objective: Defeat Litz & Nepac, the Cursed Twins

23. Exhumation

Objective: Unlock 5 Forsaken Weapons

24. Essay

Objective: Write 5 Bestiary entries

Difficulty Level: Easy

25. Greed

Objective: Achieve a x10 “Greed Kill” series

26. Awareness

Objective: Defeat Xucat’, the Witch

27. Nobility

Objective: Defeat K’ax taca, High Lord of the Storm

28. Curiosity

Objective: Start a “Special Event”

29. Strength

Objective: Defeat Xak’olchir, the Blood Hunter

30. Belief

Objective: Unlock a Blessing of the Dead Gods

31. Initiation

Objective: Complete the room of Trials

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