Home Gaming Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Get And Use Time Jumpers? (Full Guide)

Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Get And Use Time Jumpers? (Full Guide)

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Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Get And Use Time Jumpers?

Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Get And Use Time Jumpers? (Full Guide)

The cookie Run Kingdom game is quite an interesting game to play. Last year, CSK came out with the winter update in which a lot of new features were launched including Frost Queen and Cotton Cookie and Time Jumpers, and much more. They can help players to get closer to victory. Using the Time Jumpers can help you win any battle that you have already won before. You will get rewards for a battle without playing the battle with the help of the time jumpers. You can use these techniques in battles like World Exploration, Daily Bounties, Tower of Sweet Chaos, and Tropical Soda Islands. You need to check out this guide to know how to use the Time Jumper in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). 

How Do You Get and Use Time Jumpers in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

Below are the ways by which you can achieve the Time Jumpers in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

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How To Get Time Jumpers?

To get the Time Jumper, players need to complete stages 4-1 in World Exploration that can unlock the jumper in the Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). Below are the five ways, you can use any the ways to get your own Time Jumper in the Cookie Run Kingdom: 

Balloon Deck

Once players manage to clear the Episode 8 (Hall of Enlightenment) in the World Exploration, Players will receive the Time Jumpers at the Ballon Dock in (CRK). Players need to click on the change button before they choose Episode 8. 

Now, players need to dispatch the highest level Cookies to find so that they can raise the chances of getting success in the game. Mark my words, this is one of the best routes to get Time Jumper in CRK. 

Medal Shop

There is a metal shop in the Kingdom Arena where players have the option to buy the Time Jumpers. Players can buy 5 units at a time and each bundle will cost about 250 medals. Players can also purchase 6 rounds of time jumper before they need to be restocked again. It would mean that players can get 30 Time Jumpers from the Meal Shop every 3 days. 

Rainbow Shell Gallery

Players can get these Time Jumpers in the Rainbow Shell Gallery. Players can get it in touc’s trade harbor. Players will have to pay 300 rainbow pearls for 3 units at a time for these Time Jumpers. Like the Medal shop, players can purchase 5 rounds of these at the Rainbow Shell Gallery. It would mean that players can buy 18 Time Jumpers before they are needed to be filled again in 2 days. 

Through Events

Many of the events are conducted from time to time where players can easily get the Time Jumpers. Cookie run Kingdom conducts these events in the game. Players can easily get the Time Jumpers as a part of the rewards also. 

With Coupon Codes

Players can also get the Time Jumpers through free resources such as redeeming the codes. However, these codes are not released every day but you can find them soon after they are released on specific occasions. 

You can select any one method to get the Time Jumpers in CRK. You need to read more to learn how to use these Time Jumpers in the game. 

How To Use Time Jumpers In Cookie Run Kingdom?

If players want to use Time Jumpers in the Cookie Run Kingdom, then they need to follow the given steps: 

  • Clear the stage on your own. 
  • Play the same stage again. 
  • Get a Time Jumpers Button to be visible next to the Battle button. 
  • Use the Time Jumper on that stage as many times as you want. 
  • This will exclude the Bounties and Tropical Islands as they have a limit. 

That’s all from us about How To Get And Use Time Jumpers In Cookie Run Kingdom. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

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