Home Gaming Cookie Run Kingdom: Herb Cookie Toppings and Build in CRK

Cookie Run Kingdom: Herb Cookie Toppings and Build in CRK

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Cookie Run Kingdom: Herb Cookie Toppings and Build in CRK

Cookie Run Kingdom: Herb Cookie Toppings and Build in CRK

Cookie Run kingdom is one of the best games out there that became popular in a short period of time. Those who are engaged in playing this game are well aware of the good offense and defense in the game. Most of the players give priority to the offensive character but what they forget is the defensive characters are equally important. One of the healers in the game is Herb Cookie. As an Epic rarity healer, you have got a strong choice in him without any toppings. However, if you add toppings and it will make him better on the field. Here are the best toppings and build for the Herb Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom to make your team unstoppable. 

Best Herb Cookie Toppings & Build In CRK

Below are the best build and toppings for Herb Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom: 

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  • X5 Searing Raspberry Topping (More ATK = More Healing)
  • X5 Sweet Candy Topping
  • X5 Swift Chocolate Topping (Lowers the Cooldown)

Is Herb Cookie Good In CRK?

Herb cookie is in the game since the beginning of the cookie run kingdom. It is considered to be the best healer in the game. It is only second to the Pure Vanilla Cookie. Herb Cookie has the Sunny Garden ability that cleans his allies from debuffs. He is someone who is a steady healer that is great in PvP, PvE, and Guild Battles. 

Herb Cookie can heal the players by unleashing a skill that turns the ground into a little garden. This garden can remove all the debuffs while also restoring the HP for the whole party. Over time, if you stand next to these sprouts, it will let you restore HP as well. 

If the players don’t have the Pure Vanilla Cookie, then players must go for the herb cookie healer for the team. 

How Do I Decide Which Toppings Will Be Best For My Healers?

To decide which toppings are good for your healer, you need to consider two things: 

  • The attack for your healers is basically healing the team
  • Having a low cooldown is important for constant healing

Enhancing your healers and their skills and you need to select the build that matches your playstyle while keeping these two important things in mind. 

That’s all to it, this is about the herb cookie toppings in the cookie run kingdom.

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