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Cookie Run Kingdom: Eclair Cookie Stats, Skill & Best Toppings

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Cookie Run Kingdom: Eclair Cookie Stats, Skill & Best Toppings

Cookie Run Kingdom is quite an interesting game to play. What makes this game more interesting are the characters in it. From time to time, it has been adding new characters in the game that keep the fun alive. Recently it has included two new characters: Eclair Cookie and Team Knight Cookie in the War under shattered Skies update. Eclair Cookie comes in the support class and it usually takes the place in the middle row in the battle. Keep in mind that this cookie is the museum curator that is assisting to stop the end of the Earth bread. Therefore, it is important that we look at the skills and stats of Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run kingdom and the best toppings you can use for its build. 

Eclair Cookie Stats & Skill in the Cookie Run Kingdom


Cooldown: 16 seconds.

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HP Shield: +25.0% of Maximum HP for 3 seconds.

Single hit DMG: 480.6% (+6.54% DMG per level).

Weakness: Enemies receive +25% DMG for 40 seconds. You can stack this effect up to 4 times. The Weakness debuff also refreshes by further stacks, one stack extends duration by 10 seconds, and two stacks by 8 seconds.

Skill: This skill is known as the Book of History and it can give the weakness Debuff to 3 enemies with the highest ATK (targeting Cookies First). Thus whatever damage you get, it keeps on increasing. It can also blow damage to the enemies. Any enemy your team defeats, while they are in the weakness debuff, will grant all the allies an HP shield. 

Best Toppings for Eclair Cookie

Based on your team composition you can try one of these three recommended builds for the Eclair Cookie.

2 Swift Chocolate, 2 Searing Raspberry, 1 Juicy Apple: One of the important tasks of the Eclair Cookies is giving enemies a weakness debuff and blowing the damage. If the team in which you are is in the need of the damage dealer. Then it gives the Eclair cookie a decent cooldown reduction for its abilities. 

3 Swift Chocolate and 2 Searing Raspberry: this is another build that spotlights making use of the damage capabilities of Eclair while giving it a good cooldown reduction. 

5 Swift Chocolate: Players must use this build to use Eclair’s support nature when your team has other cookies that blow heavy damage. It focuses on reducing the cooldown time of its abilities.

That’s a wrap from us on the Cookie Run Kingdom: Eclair Cookie Stats, Skill & Best Toppings. If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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