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Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK): How to unlock the Hall Of Ancient Heroes? (Full Guide)

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Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK): How to unlock the Hall Of Ancient Heroes? (Full Guide)

Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK): How to unlock the Hall Of Ancient Heroes? (Full Guide)

Cookie Run Kingdom is quite an interesting game to play. It is one of the most popular mobile games. what keeps this game more interesting is that they keep coming out with the new content from time to time. With that, they launched the Hall of Ancient Heroes on 27 May 2022. This is the new update in which players can upgrade low-level cookies for free. There are other things that you can also do that we will explain in this article on the Hall of Ancient Heroes in Cookie Run kingdom.

What is the Hall Of Ancient Heroes in CRK?

CRK has launched a new update called The hall of Ancient heroes. This Hall is also called the Temple for the cookies. In this hall, players will find the 5 slots for highest level cookies (Paragon Cookies) and for Lower level cookies (Disciple Cookies). You can easily boost Lower level cookies by assigning them. But players are required to do a few things to be able to unlock the Hall of Ancient heroes in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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How Can I Unlock the Hall Of Ancient Heroes?

If you want to unlock the Hall of Ancient Heroes, then you need to meet some criteria such as:

  • Finish the episodes 6-15.
  • The Player should have at least 6 Cookies at level 30 or above.

Once players manage to complete the requirement, then an Ax and Log quest icon will pop up on the right side of your screen. This quest is called A Well-Fed Genome. Players are required to complete this quest. However, those players who don’t know how to complete in this quest, then they can follow the below steps:

How To Complete A Well-Fed Gnome Quest in CRK?

Players are required to follow the steps to complete this Well-fed Gnome Quest in CRK.

  • Click on the Ax and Log Quest icon.
  • It will start a shortcut scene of a well-fed genome quest.
  • Make 2 Tart Jampies from the bakery.
  • Give those Jampies to the Gnome and finish the Quest.
  • Make these jampies with the Following Ingredient:
    • 6x Jellybean
    • 3x Flour

This process will take 20 minutes to be completed. you can also use the Tik Tok Clock Tower or Speed Ups to boost up the Jampies Production if you are not able to boost up your cookies.

Once you complete that quest, the game will ask you to use the Aurora Compass and take out the structure on the island. You will see the Voila the Hall of Ancient heroes is unlocked. Now we will explain How to use the Hall of Ancient Heroes.

How To Use The Hall Of Ancient Heroes?

Once you unlock the Hall, You can also boost up your cookies by following the below steps:

  • Assign the 5 Paragon Cookies in their slots. However, the level of these cookies should not be below 30.
  • Assign the cookies that you want to boost in their respective slots. These Disciple Cookies levels should also be 30.
  • Boost up your Disciple Cookies level to the same as the Paragon Cookies level.

A Few things to keep in mind:

Below are the points that you need to keep in mind:

  • The Hall of Ancient Heroes does not improve the skills but only the level of the cookies. Therefore, you need the powers to enhance your skills.
  • As long as Cookies are assigned in the slots, The level of Cookies will stay upgraded.
  • If you change the cookies from the slots, then the cooldown is of 5 days. During that time, you can not assign any other cookies in the slot.
  • The Cookies Castle Mission or other events will count the original level of your boosted cookies.

That’s all from us about Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) Hall Of Ancient Heroes Guide. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

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