Home Gaming Bitlife: How To Read The Communist Manifesto? (Full Guide)

Bitlife: How To Read The Communist Manifesto? (Full Guide)

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Bitlife: How To Read The Communist Manifesto? (Full Guide)

Bitlife: How To Read The Communist Manifesto? (Full Guide)

Bitlife is a text life simulator game. In this game, players have the freedom to lead any kind of life. They can develop any skills and they can get into the role of any character. Each character in the game has different stats that determine the quality of life that they should have. These stats are Happiness, Looks, Smarts, and Health. Happiness and health are the most important but Smarts stats are equally important. In this article, we will discuss how players can manage to read the Communist Manifesto in Bitlife. 

How To Read The Communist Manifesto In BitLife?

The Communist Manifesto is a non-fiction book. If you complete reading this book, then you can manage to complete many challenges such as The V Challenge. The Communist Manifesto is a 30-page book that will pop up in a player’s book selection. You can find this book inside the Mind and Body option in activities. Many a time it happens that Bitlife Players are not able to find the Communist Manifesto in their book title. Then they are required to keep on trying until they get it. 

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Players are able to read this book only when a player character has reached the age of 18. Characters below the age of 18 will not get the option in their Bitlife Book Selection to read the Communist Manifesto. As soon as a character turns 18, he has to go to the activity tab and choose the Mind and Body option. Here, players will find the option to read books. Once the players press this option. They will see a list of the books. Players have to go through the list of the books to get the communist Manifesto. Then click on the Read Option. 

A manifesto that they will see will consist of 30 pages. Players are required to click 30 times to turn the pages and read the whole book. Many a time due to some error, the communist manifesto does not open, then they can close the tab and open it again till they see this book in the list. Keep in mind that this is a book that you can finish easier because there are some books that are more lengthy to finish. 

However, there is one challenge in which you have to read the whole Dictionary which is over 3000 pages. You will have to have a lot of dedication if you complete this achievement of reading the 3000 pages. 

This is how players can read the communist manifesto in the Bitlife game to complete the challenge. 

That’s all from us about How To Read The Communist Manifesto In BitLife? I hope that you enjoyed reading the article as much as you enjoyed playing the Bitlife game.

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