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Bitlife : How To Make Friends? (Full Guide)

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Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.  Also Read:  Bitlife: How To Collect Evidence and become an informant? (Full Guide) Bitlife Cheats: Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game (2022) Bitlife: How To Become A Singer In Bitlife?

Bitlife : How To Make Friends? (Full Guide)

Bitlife is quite a fun game to play. You can play this game to pass the time when you are hell-bored. You can perform lots of tasks while also experiencing others’ lives. You can make friends in the bitlife game. You can associate yourself with NPCs and become a socialite as you move up the corporate ladder. You encounter situations where you not be approached by anyone. In that case, you can make friends in Bitlife game. In this guide, you will know how you can make the friends in the Bitlife: 

How to Make Many Friends in BitLife?

If the players want to make new friends in the bitlife, they will have to be cordial with others and their own actions while they are interacting with NPCs. it would mean that you should not quarrel, or spreading the rumors. You have to act very peacefully that is a way to invite interactions from people. 

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Activities that you can perform to make good friends in Bitlife are: 

  • Giving Gifts
  • Going to the Movie Theater together
  • Spending Time together
  • Complimenting them
  • Going to the Concert
  • Having a good Conversation
  • Partying together
  • Watching YouTube together

How to find friends in Bitlife?

  • Visit your school/job tab
  • Go to the classmate/co-workers tab
  • You will receive a full list of NPCs that will like you or dislike you. 
  • Make friends with that like you
  • Don’t waste your time on the ones who don’t like you as it will require lots of effort. 
  • Handle these newly-formed friendships with positive actions. 
  • Level up your friendships to the full green bar to make them perfect. 

How to Maintain Friends?

What happens in the bitlife, is that when you make friends, you have to give them time. You can not give time to everybody in the game. Then you need to press the Spend Time With All Button. This way, it will get the bar up faster. You will have all your friends happy with you. This will make you popular as well with your friends. 

That’s all from us about how to make friends in the Bitlife. You must try out making new friends following this activity. You will have a tremendous amount of fun playing bitlife. 

Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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